Content ideas; team profiles, quotes & more

Welcome to our second Content Ideas Blog.

Last month we discussed ideas relating to existing and potential customers. This time, we’re focusing on you, or in particular, your team.

Team Profiles & Quotes

Social media is a great way to make your business approachable. This is why providing a bit more information about your team members makes for great content.

Obviously, photos are fantastic, but a couple of sentences or quotes from staff are also priceless. It doesn’t even have to be serious; favourite joke, favourite food etc.

Here are a few examples we’ve used in the past;

Employee of the Month

We’ve found that posts on social media which commend or celebrate something often have increased engagement. With this in mind, if your business has an ‘Employee of the Month’ or something in a similar vein; post a picture.


Just like providing an insight into team members can help make your business appealing, so too can some behind-the-scenes content from the office.

Whether it’s a picture of someone’s desk, a photo of the office as a whole, maybe even the lunch order for the day – your followers, friends, connections, and most importantly potential customers, will appreciate the insight. It makes your company more personable.

You don’t even have to remember to do it every day. Spend an hour taking photos, taking quotes, getting insights, then keep them handy over the next few weeks and create a post every few days. That’s all that is needed to keep your feed fresh – you don’t want to bombard your followers after all.

Here’s an example;

You probably know best what potential customers in your industry want to hear from you. If you work in the food industry; your favourite cuisine. The entertainment industry; your favourite film. Content such as this can also prompt debates and comments – both of which improve engagement. There’s nothing to lose!

Hopefully you’ve got some inspiration for your social media content this month. Keep an eye out for our next Content Ideas Blog, and if you’d like to know more about any of the ideas discussed above or how you can implement them, give us a call on 01543 897121.

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