Trim back the guff and ensure your copy engages your readers.
Graphic Illustration to depict copyediting

Suffer from waffle & no spice? 

You know how your business operates, you’re au fait with the features and benefits of your products and services, and you can pinpoint the problems solved. You don’t need a copywriting service but you realise that your content probably doesn’t hit the mark as effectively as it could.

Tweak to perfection

Copyediting is the ideal solution if you know what to say, have the inclination and time to write it, but feel as though you lack consistency, creativity and customer connectedness.


Have you written a web page, blog article or copy for a brochure or leaflet, but feel that it needs condensing, spicing up or optimising for the search engines?


Tightening up your copy will make it clearer, more informative and more persuasive. This task alone will help to match your words with your target audience better.

Hire a grammar guard

Copyediting is a bit like a safety net. If you are aware that grammar and consistency aren’t your strong points or that (if you’re honest with yourself) you can be found equivocating or procrastinating the point, copyediting as a service is spot on as it will:

  • Pick up errors
  • Spot inconsistencies
  • Pick up on repetition
  • Correct errors in grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation
  • Improve technical consistency, character and story continuity
  • Enhance readability by rewriting clunky sentences for clarity
  • Fact check
  • Ensure accurate citations and references

Talk to us about copyediting your existing collateral or let us help you to plan future content.