Copy Audit

Are your communications bringing a return?

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"Anna created our marketing collateral from concept to print. We found her to be very creative and really connected with our product. Anna had tight deadlines and a unique brief with which she delivered on time and on budget. Her committed and thorough approach enabled us to deliver a new marketing and online strategy within a very tight deadline."
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You’ve invested in a website, social media, email marketing… but what’s working?

Many companies have no idea how their online and offline presence is performing. 


A copy audit can help highlight discrepancies and illustrate how marketing messages or activities can be improved to bring a better return.

It’s all in the message

Marketing message inconsistencies can often be the reason why prospects never become clients because:

  • Websites fail to show clients why they should care
  • Social profiles publish inconsistent messaging
  • Words are confusing and fluffy
  • The language doesn’t speak to an ideal client
  • A clear value proposition is missing
  • The voice of the customer is lost
  • There’s no way to get in touch

Why should you care?

Because ideal clients may not be reading ‘what’s in it for them’ and as a consequence, they fail to see your value.

Is your content strategic, consistent and solution-driven?

Changing a website headline or ‘above the fold’ (the visible stuff before you start scrolling) copy could improve responses overnight.

Replacing feature and statement sentences with benefits and solutions could capture your readers’ attention in seconds and encourage action.

A copy audit will ensure your communications are consistent and clear and address ideal clients’ needs.

A copy audit includes a review and list of recommendations for:

  • Consistency in brand language
  • Coherent messaging
  • Trust and credibility statements
  • Headline and call to action stability
  • Clear solutions, benefits and features positioning
  • Social proof
  • Effective marketing integration

Avoid falling victim to these content and copy errors.

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"You are so worth your monthly fee. You are proactive and get on with it. I know my marketing is in capable hands."
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"I have worked with Anna on many projects and have always found her professional, reliable and creative, a mix of skills which is hard to come by. Most of all I would say that her communication skills and her ability to understand the client's needs set her apart. For these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Anna."
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Does your content process look like this?

Janet in the office writes blogs and manages company literature because she has a good eye for spotting a typo.

Jonny the apprentice is in charge of social media activity because he’s fresh out of college and understands the meaning of a hashtag!

Your website cost a fortune being created by a top-notch agency ten years ago, so you’re not about to change it…

Content inconsistencies will be present in these scenarios, and readers will be confused, leading to distrust and prospects moving on.

Consistent messages across all platforms speak to ideal clients and avoid ambiguity.

Show ideal clients you have what they need and how it will improve their lives!