‘VIP 1-2-1 Storytelling Coaching’

Gain Personalised Copy and Content Guidance

Find Your Authentic Voice and Attract Ideal Clients with Ease

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"Very informative, not brain overload ... clear, precise and easy to listen throughout. Many great tips."
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Do you want to write copy and content like a storytelling genius?

‘VIP 1-2-1 Storytelling Coaching’ is more than copy and content support for business owners and solopreneurs.

It’s a mindset shift. A confidence-building investment. An introduction to intuitive marketing by tapping into your creative genius, aka your inner storyteller.

It’s easier to share your story and craft compelling copy when you’re in alignment with life.

Once you recognise and overcome the writer’s blocks holding you back, you’ll be in flow with expressing yourself completely and unapologetically – a trait that is irresistible to your ideal clients.

What would it feel like to be ‘writing ready’?

The ‘VIP Storytelling’ is life, business and copywriting coaching all rolled into one.

The unique ‘writing ready’ formula will introduce you to mind-blowing ways to repurpose your life for the benefit of your business and vice versa.

    • Become ‘writing ready’
    • Unleash your storytelling creative genius
    • Feel energetically ‘in flow’
    • Identify and clear your writer’s blocks
    • Define your ideal clients
    • Speak your clients’ language and address their anxieties, needs and desires

Step away from time constraints and unhelpful structures. Learn inspirational tools and techniques to write marketing messages aligned with your values, purpose in life and ‘why’ in business.

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"I learn by doing things, trying them out, or writing them down. I do now have a list of things I need to do following this course!"
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Business Owner
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"If you want to write your own posts, blogs and articles, then I would highly recommend [Anna]. Understand how to focus your content at your ideal audience, addressing their needs and wants, and providing solutions to the barriers preventing them from working with you."
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Are you curious about repurposing life for compelling copy and content?

As a storytelling VIP, you’ll gain all the benefits, learning materials and on-demand copywriting and content modules from the group programme.

You’ll also gain access to the storytelling Facebook group and exclusive:

    • optional face-to-face meetups 
    • monthly 1-2-1 Zoom check-in calls
    • monthly Q&A group calls
    • bonus online learning
    • storytelling workbooks and materials
    • a writing journal

Start a journey to understanding yourself on a whole new level and unpack proven formulas for writing better copy and crafting inspirational content.

Who is 'VIP Storytelling Coaching' for?

‘VIP Storytelling Coaching’ is for business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs who are fed up with writer’s blocks and fighting to articulate ‘what’s in it’ for their clients.

Have you invested in business coaches or taken marketing courses but find yourself still searching for clarification around your key messages and ideal clients?

Are you craving the creativity that brings endless content ideas and keeps your audience engaged?

‘VIP Storytelling Coaching’ is a unique and creative approach to crafting copy and content. The ‘master powerful storytelling’ formula has personal development at its core and celebrates business growth as a fundamental outcome.

If you’re curious and open to new ways of working, you’ll find ‘VIP Storytelling Coaching’ refreshing, empowering and inspired-action-focussed. 

You won’t find these storytelling techniques in executive business coaching programmes or from on-demand copywriting templates or playbooks!

Invest in yourself and your writing skills with a three-month ‘VIP Storytelling’ package. 

Why work with me?

I know how challenging it can be to write copy and content that speaks to ideal clients.

Doubting your ability or having uncertainty around ideal clients can make you question every word and even fear sharing authentic messages. As a result, copy and content becomes unclear and you feel invisible. The lack of direction can soon grind you down.

I call these anxieties and problems ‘writer’s blocks’. They suffocate productivity and creativity and are often the surface symptoms of deeper perceived limiting beliefs that will hold you back from speaking your truth.

I can help you overcome writer’s blocks by mastering powerful storytelling and being crystal clear on your ideal clients.

What to do next

If you want to write clear copy that’s true to you and allows you to be seen, heard and understand here are the next steps:

  1. Book a free 20-minute virtual coffee call
  2. We’ll investigate to see if we’re a good fit
  3. If everything feels right, there’ll be a link to click and a transaction to make
  4. You’ll start your ‘storytelling for business’  journey and I’ll be your guide:
    • Become writing ready
    • Eliminate writer’s blocks
    • Discover absolute clarity on ideal clients
    • Write authentic and compelling copy and content

It’s that simple. If we’re not a good fit, that’s fine. We’ll say goodbye and go our separate ways.

What you'll gain

 ✔️ Clarity on key messages

✔️ Clearly defined ideal client avatars

✔️ Freedom from writer’s blocks

✔️ Space and confidence to write copy and content that’s true to you

✔️ No more wasted time

✔️ A time back guarantee

✔️ Access to your inner creativity

✔️ A way to find more paying clients

Reasons to invest