Give those annoying spelling slips and  grammar gremlins the boot to ensure your copy is clean, crisp and credible.

Grammar glitches & typos got your tongue?

When it comes to the written word, two things are certain. You will make mistakes and someone else will hold you accountable for them.


Clearing the language path

If your writing is hard to read because it’s packed with awkward poorly punctuated sentences, together with spelling mistakes that are just plain embarrassing, then you can rest assured that readers will not only become irritated but they might even have a good laugh at your expense before visiting a more professional site to find the information or opinion they’re looking for. Harsh but true.


Your copy needs to stand out … and not for the wrong reasons. You’ve probably seen many howlers scattered across the web already. Preparing copy for a (potential) global audience, when it’s released online or (worse still because of external costs) printed, is a daunting thought. Your keyboard and the English Language are at your disposal but many people are too quick to hit the publish button without a second pair of eyes or a spellcheck.


Proof to be proud

There’s a sense of pride when you’ve finished writing a piece that not only sounds good, but looks good. Proofreading is the final quality control stage in the copy world that ensures your words are free from:

  • Structural errors
  • Grammatical, spelling or punctuation blunders
  • Formatting errors and inconsistencies
  • Unsightly gaps between words, end-of-line breaks
  • Unattractive widows and orphans, and loose lines
  • Capitalisation slip-ups
  • Protect your reputation against the grammar gremlins and chat to us about proofreading services.