Do you struggle to know what to say when writing copy for your business?

Or how best to describe the solutions your clients will gain?

Writing copy and content can be tough as a small business owner, solopreneur or freelancer.

Whether impostor syndrome is battering your confidence or you don’t have enough hours in the day, your strength is not writing copy.

Let me guide you in finding your unique voice, crafting your message, or asking the right questions to write for you.

Anna Woolliscroft | Market Avenue Limited | Storytelling Coaching

Hi, I'm Anna.

A writer of many guises and Marcoms professional for over 23 years.

I understand the frustrations of writing compelling marketing messages. The uncertainty of where to start creating valuable evergreen content. The multitude of content types to choose from. And where and when to publish it.

I’m a copywriter and content creator for B2B and B2C organisations, a budding author, and a copy and content coach for freelancers, sole traders and small business owners.

I can be your guide to writing with purpose. For business. For pleasure. For wellbeing.

Are you:

    • Struggling to articulate a clear message that connects with your audience?
    • Battling with your inner critic about how to position yourself?
    • Fed up with writer’s block(s) preventing you from creating content?
    • Unsure about what motivates your audience to buy?


  • Are you ready to:

      • Be free from writer’s blocks?
      • Craft clear messaging that attracts ideal clients?
      • Experience easeful sales and marketing?
      • Stop feeling invisible and misunderstood?
      • Make more money doing what you love?


  • Then it’s time to stand on your pedestal and be seen, heard and understood.

"Anna’s superpower is her ability to write copy that is engaging and speaks my voice in a way that captures my audience. Having Anna in my team of experts enables me to focus on what I do best (which definitely is not writing copy!), she’s brilliant."
Cassie Footman
Global Business Growth, Mindset & Performance Coach

Do you want to be seen, heard and understood?

Download my FREE 7-step guide to writing copy and content that speaks your truth.

Discover how to overcome writer’s blocks and become ‘writing ready’ by connecting with your inner storyteller.

Ways to work with me

MAL Icons Copywriting Coaching

Storytelling for Business

Your products or service are incredible but you struggle to articulate the bigger picture. Perhaps your copy is confusing.

How would it feel to write clear, compelling copy that effortlessly attracts ideal clients? How much would it be worth to finally create messages that land and convert?

Gain personalised copywriting guidance to inspire confidence in yourself, your messaging and your offer. Attract profitable paying clients that are a pleasure to deal with.

MAL Icons Content Creation Workshops

Unleash Your Creativity

Learning and applying knowledge is more powerful when it’s combined with a memorable experience. Creativity is often the catalyst that sparks ideas and creates the motivation to drive performance.

Change your environment and create more space in your mind to improve sales and marketing at one of our inspirational countryside day retreats.

MAL Icons Content Workshops

Craft Compelling Content Workshops

Finding constant content marketing ideas can be challenging.

If you’re struggling to generate purposeful and valuable content for your audience to consume, join one of our workshops to discover new tools and learn proven techniques to keep the ideas flowing.

Apply ideas using a focused content strategy and publishing plan that effortlessly engages ideal clients.

MAL DIFM ICONS 500x500px

‘Done for you’ Copywriting Solutions

Writing engaging and emotive copy that connects and persuades is a skill. It’s a skill that anyone can learn with time, but you may not have the skill, time or inclination! But that’s okay because you can always outsource the task to us!

Choose ‘done for you’ copywriting solutions and let the Market Avenue Limited team develop high-quality copy and content that speaks your clients’ language and generates action.

MAL Icons Drop-in Meetups

Meetups for Curious Business Owners

Our monthly drop-in sessions are for small business owners, sole traders, freelancers and professionals in a sales or marketing role who want to gain more from their communication efforts.

Each meetup provides valuable sales and marketing tips and strategies, including copywriting, content creation, website development, design, SEO, telesales and branding.

Learn new tactics, forge fresh ideas, complete tasks, benefit from a coworking space and build your business network.

MAL Icons Writing Therapy

Personal Journalling Online Workshops

Writing therapy or journal therapy is a way to capture internal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Taking time to write and reflect on the internalisation of external events has many benefits and is a powerful tool for becoming more aware of yourself and others.

Journal therapy uses writing prompts and insightful exercises to allow you, the writer, to be intentional and introspective. The practise improves resilience and supports the unpacking and overcoming of negative behaviours and emotions.

"Anna was part of my creative team. She did a great job of understanding my mind dump notes and ideas. Anna matched my quirky personality [and] the outcome was fabulous."
David Campbell
Body Transformation Coach

Why work with me?

I know how challenging it can be to write copy that speaks to ideal clients.

Doubting your ability or being uncertain about who your ideal clients are can make you question every word. It could even cause you to fear sharing authentic messages. As a result, your copy is unclear and you feel invisible.

Apprehension of what to say can suffocate productivity and creativity. It can also affect the quality and quantity of leads and sales. 

I can help you clear the fog, become clear on your ideal clients and know exactly what to write to attract them.

Curious about what to do next?

Brilliant. A curious mind is a healthy one.

If you want clear copy that feels in alignment and allows you to be seen, heard and understand, here’s what to do next:

      1. Book a free 20-minute virtual coffee call.
      2. We’ll investigate to see if we’re a good fit to work together.
      3. If everything feels right, we’ll agree on the boring but necessary bits if everything feels right.
      4. Your ‘storytelling for business’ journey will begin and I’ll be your guide to:
        • Articulating compelling marketing messages that match the motivations of your ideal clients.
        • Developing valuable evergreen content resources that build an audience.
        • Attracting more enquires and converting more sales.
        • Making sense of your thoughts and feelings by developing a positive relationship with the mind through writing for wellbeing (journalling).


    1. It’s that simple. If we’re not a good fit, that’s fine. We’ll say goodbye and go our separate ways.

What you'll gain

✔️ Clarity on key messages

✔️ Clearly defined ideal client avatars

✔️ Freedom from writer’s blocks

✔️ Space and confidence to write copy and content that’s true to you

✔️ No more wasted time

✔️ A time back guarantee

✔️ Access to your inner creativity

✔️ A way to find more paying clients

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