‘Content Creation in the Countryside’

Discover New Ways to Tap into an Infinite Resource of Creativity

Experience a Mind-Blowing Inspirational Day and Develop Your Content Creation Skills

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"Very informative, not brain overload ... clear, precise and easy to listen throughout. Many great tips."
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Business Owner

Ready to let your imagination run wild?

Sales and marketing are changing. Are you keeping up?

Step outside to boost your creativity and productivity.



    • Learn powerful storytelling techniques
    • Create clear sales and marketing messages
    • Discover an authentic voice aligned with your ‘why’
    • Identify the clients you were always meant to serve

What’s included in the day retreat?

Develop effective sales messages and marketing content by participating in creativity exercises.

Each participant will gain:

    • A creativity exercise pack
    • Refreshments
    • A healthy lunch
    • Guided ideas-inspiring walk
    • Conversation and group reflection

Say hello to thinking freedom.

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"I learn by doing things, trying them out, or writing them down. I do now have a list of things I need to do following this course!"
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Business Owner
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"If you want to write your own posts, blogs and articles, then I would highly recommend [these modules]. Understand how to focus your content at your ideal audience, addressing their needs and wants, and providing solutions to the barriers preventing them from working with you."
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Who is the day retreat for?

The ‘Content Creation in the Countryside Day Retreat’ is for business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs who are curious about ditching the constraints of the office.

The day is an intentionally curious and creative space, free from interruptions and limitations. You’ll experience unique ways to tap into an infinite source of creativity and learn proven sales and marketing formulas to help sharpen your storytelling skills.

Are you ready to unleash your inner creative genius?

‘Content Creation in the Countryside’ shares the art of storytelling for business.

Experience a whole new level of creativity by connecting with nature and tapping into your inner creative genius.

It’s guaranteed to blow your mind with how creative you can be!