Good copy makes a difference. Astounding copy makes a significant difference by delivering a return.

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The difference between a bunch of cobbled together words and a carefully crafted sentence or two is simple. The latter will deliver enquires, engagement and connection.


Take the time to understand who your customer is, what their personality style might be and how they want to be communicated to. Wrap all this up with a problem solving promise and a tone of voice that relates to their needs and you have the start of a relationship

Writing for different platforms is not a one size fits all. There will be a tone of voice that suits the needs of your customer and your company based on your product, service, backstory and industry. You will also need to determine if your online voice matches your offline voice. Phew, it’s not easy is it?

Discover what tone of voice best suits your business.

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Demystifying Google with search engine optimised copy

Writing copy for search engines is different to writing for humans. You still need context and personality, but Google will emphasise the beginning of your page so there are a few things to be aware of.


Your text should be written around a keyword phrase. This phrase is a highly significant set of words used for the purpose of driving qualified traffic to your website from search engines. The keywords need to appear in several places to inform the search engines what your page is about in order for it to be indexed properly.

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new words are added to the dictionary every day

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Crafting winning content for websites

First and foremost, your copy should address the needs of your audience. Think about the ‘intent’ of the person visiting your website and what they are searching for. Why do they need your services or products and what do they need to find out in order to enquire?  


Your words should serve to put you in between your ideal audience and the solution they are searching forSeek to understand the questions your audience is asking and why. 

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languages are in near extinction

Build loyalty with unique content in eBooks 

Developing an eBook (or series of eBooks) provides added value to your customers in the form of insightful branded content and offers a cost-effective way to build a consented customer list. 


eBooks establish authority, build trust and can be used to generate new leads. Without appearing obvious, eBooks act as a subtle selling tool for your company and are a great way to repurpose content that you already have. 

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BC is the time linguists believe language originated

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Be a beacon in choppy waters with great words on your social media 

Social media is a visual giant where video, gifs and images prevailBut don’t disregard the text part of your social posts. The copy that accompanies your visual content still needs to connect to your customer and can be the difference between a click, share and comment, or forever falling into the social feed black hole. You know it’s there. 


Less is more with social media copy. Pertinent questions, nostalgia quips, curious challenges and thought-provoking words need to capture attention.  

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