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Market Avenue Team Aug 8, 2018 Like
National Days – September 2018

Is it that time already? Back to school, and the start of a new season! Does your scheduled content reflect this? If you need...

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Market Avenue Team Jun 6, 2018 Like
IGTV – new Instagram app

Have you been on to Instagram recently and noticed a little TV icon at the top of the page? Have you clicked to see...

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Market Avenue Team Apr 4, 2018 Like
The Importance of CTAs

  You’ve written scintillating copy, designed a creative and imaginative leaflet, posted a funny and informative blog… but you’ve not included a CTA. A...

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Market Avenue Team Mar 3, 2018 Like
National Days – April 2018

Can you believe it’s nearly time to turn over to the next page of your calendar? How time flies! Do you pay attention to...

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Market Avenue Team Nov 11, 2017 Like
Content ideas; team profiles, quotes & more

Welcome to our second Content Ideas Blog. Last month we discussed ideas relating to existing and potential customers. This time, we’re focusing on you,...

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Catherine Mountford Apr 4, 2017 Like
Don’t let fake news damage the integrity of your brand

Fake news is everywhere – not literally, but certainly rhetorically. Since the last American election, Fake News has been bandied about as both an...

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Market Avenue Team Dec 12, 2014 Like
What Marketing Magic to expect in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, there’s just one question on our minds… what can we expect from 2015? And more importantly, how can...

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Market Avenue Team Jun 6, 2014 Like
What to Gain from Grosocial

So what is GroSocial?   GroSocial is a social media marketing software company based in Utah in America. Founded in 2009 by Zach Mangum,...

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Market Avenue Team May 5, 2013 Like
Facebook Status Update

Facebook Status Update The long awaited update to Facebook is here or will be arriving on your computer sometime soon; some Facebook profiles may...

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Market Avenue Team Feb 2, 2013 Like
Using Twitter for New Businesses

We love Twitter here at Market Avenue for many different reasons. From its simple to use website to its ability to allow you access...

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Anna Woolliscroft Feb 2, 2013 Like

Live Case Study | Marketing Manoeuvres | Networking | March 22nd *** Win a £2,000+ marketing makeover! *** One early bird ticket holder will...

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Anna Woolliscroft Dec 12, 2012 Like
Market Avenue Ltd – The end of a successful year

Well 2012 has been a big year for us here at Market Avenue ltd and a very tough, hectic one. The Christmas break will...

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Market Avenue Team Dec 12, 2012 Like
Review: Monitter

There are many applications out there that enable you to see live tweets arriving on your computer screen as they are sent. These include...

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Market Avenue Team Nov 11, 2012 Like
Christmas Is Around the Corner

It feels like only last month we were celebrating the end of 2011 in the office owned by SSC learning before we found ourselves...

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Market Avenue Team Nov 11, 2012 Like
World TV Day

Imagine life without iPods, computers, gaming consoles and other everyday utilities that we take for granted. Have you done it? Good, now multiply that...

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Market Avenue Team Oct 10, 2012 Like
Spooky Social Media

As you walk along the street you can see in your peripheral vision the little orange head shaped fruits staring at you through the...

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