18 reasons why summer is better at work/home

Why Summer is the best time of the year!

  1. Regular visits from the ice cream man.
  2. People stuck on computers so they want to engage with people to cheer up.
  3.  Make good use of your air conditioning in the office.
  4. Can feel more comfortable at work in your casual clothes.
  5. Less coffee and tea breaks.
  6. Facebook becomes the home of beautiful outdoor pictures.
  7. Everyone is in a better mood.
  8. Less rain (maybe not in 2012)
  9. Can listen to the beach boys.
  10. Can try and get a tan.
  11. Plenty of barbeques.
  12. Longer evenings.
  13. More outdoor activities like camping or walking.
  14. Best weather for a weekend away.
  15. Plenty of new films out.
  16. Easier to sell certain services.
  17. No cold mornings.
  18. No getting stuck in the snow.

It has to be said that these are the opinions of Joe so they may not reflect most peoples veiws

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