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Market Avenue Team Aug 8, 2018 Like
National Days – September 2018

Is it that time already? Back to school, and the start of a new season! Does your scheduled content reflect this? If you need...

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Market Avenue Team Jun 6, 2018 Like
IGTV – new Instagram app

Have you been on to Instagram recently and noticed a little TV icon at the top of the page? Have you clicked to see...

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Catherine Mountford May 5, 2018 Like
The importance of ethics in fostering loyalty on social media

We all have a level of responsibility whether that is to our family, our employer, our customers or our community – and when it comes to influencing choice through marketing it...

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Market Avenue Team Apr 4, 2018 Like
National Days – May 2018

Can you believe it’s nearly May? The end of April Showers and hopefully the start of gorgeous sunny days and events such as The...

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Market Avenue Team Mar 3, 2018 Like
National Days – April 2018

Can you believe it’s nearly time to turn over to the next page of your calendar? How time flies! Do you pay attention to...

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Catherine Mountford Mar 3, 2018 Like
Social media and online visibility: Generating inbound leads in the wake of GDPR

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation this May will see a major shake-up in the way businesses approach customers – and  will...

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Market Avenue Team Feb 2, 2018 Like
Twitter Business Hour Hashtags – who, what, where, when and why?

If you regularly use Twitter, or even if you don’t, you may have heard of Twitter Hours. Do you know how to utilize these...

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Market Avenue Team Jan 1, 2018 Like
New Follow Hashtags feature on Instagram

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, one of your resolutions for January may be getting to grips with your Instagram account, whether...

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Anna Woolliscroft Nov 11, 2017 Like
Get the core system right before you flex and pump content online

I’ve recently joined a Pilates class and it’s different to say the least. It’s very slow and centred, and back to basics. I don’t...

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Market Avenue Team Aug 8, 2017 Like
What’s the big deal about GIFs?

We get it; just when you get used to one thing, something else comes along and you have to start learning all over again....

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Catherine Mountford Jul 7, 2017 Like
What the General Election taught us about the power of social media

Strictly speaking, the General Election of 2017 wasn’t a win for anyone, but it could be seen as a victory for social media- -and...

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Catherine Mountford Apr 4, 2017 Like
Don’t let fake news damage the integrity of your brand

Fake news is everywhere – not literally, but certainly rhetorically. Since the last American election, Fake News has been bandied about as both an...

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Market Avenue Team Apr 4, 2015 Like
Canvassing Canva

In July 2012, the idea that eventually culminated in Canva was born. Three people, Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams decided there was...

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Market Avenue Team Dec 12, 2014 Like
Are you really feeling festive or is it your Facebook feed?

Have you been inundated by pictures of Christmas trees, festive greetings and the humble brag about bought presents and cute children? Trust me, you...

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