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Do you have a separate Facebook account for work and for social life? Many people don’t and this is what’s giving your employers a bit of a headache. Do you think you should be connected to your work and even to your boss through social media?

Some will say “what’s the problem?” and the answer is simple, representation. If you’re connected to your business (as the picture shows) then potentially people could find you while searching for the business.

This would be fine if your employees are all innocent, perfect manners and excellent grammar on their social media sites like Twitter and Facebook but that isn’t often the case. When they are talking to their friends a lot of them are going to be using inappropriate language that you would NOT want potential customers or clients to see.

As you can see above Joe is part of Market Avenue and he shows this on his Twitter bio so his 500 followers and the rest of the Twitter world can see it. This isn’t a bad thing as his tweets are friendly and show nothing that would damage the business or company but can you say that about your employees?

How to fix it

There are many ways to fix this potential problem from creating a “work” only Facebook account that you can set up pages from or making your Facebook page private but remember, they will still see the profile picture of the person so make sure it’s not too outrageous. The picture below is what we found just from searching for Market Avenue so it’s an easy thing to come across the profiles of the employees of the company.

This may not be relevant to you but it would be beneficial for you to check what your employees are up to and maybe asking them to create a professional business one. Discuss with your employees what they talk about on Facebook and if they have the company in their job location or bio. If they do then make sure they are not posting bad tweets or posts out. It only takes one slip up and that could have big consequences.

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