World TV Day

Imagine life without iPods, computers, gaming consoles and other everyday utilities that we take for granted. Have you done it? Good, now multiply that feeling by 10 and that’s how people worldwide would feel if the TV wasn’t invented back in the 1880s. It’s World TV Day so let’s talk about it!

Thank god this didn’t happen and we can relax by watching Loose Women, Top Gear or whatever takes our fancy but this got us thinking. How different would our world be without the irreplaceable Television?

If the TV was left undiscovered then you would probably have to say goodbye to all your mod cons like your laptop, iPod and maybe even mobile phones? We would be finish a hard day at work writing pages and pages of what probably would have been called book media. Come home and relax by guess what? Reading more books!

Instead of sending each other emails and texts we would be communicating with pen, paper and the royal mail or maybe using owls to deliver our mail Harry Potter style, where’s Hedwig when you need him?

Future of TV and Social Media

Leaving good old non-existent book media behind we want to tell you where we see the future of social media and TV. There are already iPad apps that allow you to watch a program and see people tweeting about it at the same time. This is what will happen with TVs so eventually you’ll be able to see what people think of the new X Factor winner on the same screen as the TV, What are we getting ourselves into?!

In the space of 10 years we have gone from giant box shape TVs to slim HD and 3d masterpieces’ of technology. We can’t even imagine what we will be looking at in another 10 years from now, maybe we will be able to reach out and take things from the screen just like Willy Wonker?

Who knows, but whatever the future of the TV, it’s looking HD, crystal clear and very promising.

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