Spooky Social Media

As you walk along the street you can see in your peripheral vision the little orange head shaped fruits staring at you through the curtains. Child sized aliens and axe murderers are running around the streets looking for sweets to consume or take home for later.

You might have guessed it by now but, it’s Halloween! This may sound like a terrifying time of the year for many businesses but in actual fact it’s quite the opposite! When big events happen around the world like Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day the country becomes gripped by them and even more so on social media.

Let us explain, it’s Halloween so there are many quirky one liners you can use to impress your customers with your witty tweets and Facebook. Have a look at some of these! We will use a sweetshop as an example because it’s nice and simple!

  • Are you scared of running out of your treats for the kids? Come collect some from our shop.
  • Don’t leave the kids with a sour taste in their mouths! Get them some nice sweets.
  • Are you having a sweet day? Come and get some tasty treats from us.
  • There’s no rush like a sugar rush!

As you can see there are plenty of variations of tweets that you can use that involve words like scary and sweets which are both key words in the week of Halloween!

You don’t even need to stop there! Grab a knife and get carving (see scary again!) a logo into your pumpkin and put it on display in your shop window or on your Facebook timeline! It’s always good to show your personality through a business as nobody likes a corporate robot!

Don’t be spooked out this Halloween, it’s time for you to jump on the social media ghost train and stay on it!

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