Apple – Did they go wrong?

The shortest correct answer we can think of to that question is yes, when products are launched there should be a sense of excitement and longing going through the minds of potential customers but when it comes to Apple and its iPhone range there just isn’t any of that. – Not anymore anyway.

Perhaps Apple built its reputation up to be something so exciting that even a great phone would still come under fire from criticism and let’s not forget this, the iPhone is arguably the best phone ever made and will sell in huge numbers but it won’t be as successful as they expected it to be and here’s why.

The iPhone 5 had been talked about for months and months with information being leaked to the media to get the customers even more inquisitive about their possible new toy. There was talk about brand new features and never seen before technology that got even the sceptics talking. Was this the phone that could move mobile phones in front of technology from laptops or even computers?

There was talk of all the incredible things that the iPhone 5 could do but when it came down to the facts, it isn’t much different from the older models

Apple shot themselves in the foot to a certain extent as expected. Fans were disappointed by the lack of new features in the brand new iPhone which doesn’t come cheap. If Apple had kept quiet a far less number of complaints and criticisms would have been received. I’m sure they will look closely at how they’re going to market their next big thing.

The giants in music and technology will of course bounce back from this with updates to this model and undoubtedly there will be more coming from the iPad and iPod but maybe next time Apple won’t bite off more than they can chew.

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