cookie code – How to create it

For the new cookie law, the site I found that was most useful in creating a cookie code was, http://www.civicuk.com/cookie-law/index

Below are some instructions on how you can create the code and how you can import it onto your website.

C = Cookie

Step 1

Cookie Control uses jQuery. You don’t need to have this installed on your site already – the script will check for this. If you DO have it installed, just check that you have jQuery version 1.4.4 or later: Cookie Control is not compatible with earlier versions of jQuery.

Step 2

Download the Control script and upload it to your site.

Step 3

Copy the code and update the path to the location where you’ve placed the C Control Script.

You may wish to embed it directly in your pages, or add it to an existing “footer” include for your site. It’s entirely up to you.

Either way, the code needs to be within the <body> tag of your page.

Step 4

Apply  Cookie Control events to your cookie-dropping scripts. This will ensure that they won’t drop cookies unless a user has opted in.


If you have a WordPress site, give the WordPress C Control plugin a whirl.

Drupal 7

If you have a Drupal 7 site, check out the C Control Drupal module.


If you are using Magento there is now a new module for it.

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