You have the right to remain silent, this message isn’t for everybody

Have you ever seen those documentaries or films, like Traffic Cops and Bad Boys, where the police go door to door asking questions to try and eliminate suspects. Well, finding target audience is similar to that as you only want clients that are going to be relevant to your company.

It starts out with the officer asking the potential suspect questions relating to the crime, like their whereabouts and how they knew the victim. When a company is looking for their target audience, they would ask the potential client what they wanted the company to provide and perhaps why they wanted to use that particular company over and above another.

The police would scrutinize the evidence gathered and in order eliminate people and to highlight possible suspects.. Where as with a target audience, the company would look at all the clients and decide who could potentially be a customer.

Overall, police questioning techniques and how they eliminate suspect can be very similar to a company filtering out the masses in order to focus on their specific target audience.

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