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Reviews Tweepi / Market Avenue LtdThere is an absolute bundle of social media tools and applications out there, some requiring a fee to use their functionality and some offering quirky management features completely free.

Many of these applications have both negative and positive attributes and there’s always that little bit extra you wished they would offer such as being able to direct message all your Twitter followers, from a specific list, in one hit or to manage Facebook and LinkedIn recommendations simultaneously or put the kettle on for a cuppa; but now I digress! Sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to choose and where to even begin ploughing through the vast choice out there.

Personally, I mix and match many applications and often trial new ones which eventually replace older tools if they have a unique element or complete a process quicker, but it comes down to individual preference and how comfortable you feel with features, cost and even basic look and feel of a platform.

I’ll be reviewing several new and old, niche and mass application over the coming months for pick out the best features of each application to give you a running start and save you the trouble of searching and searching through the ‘app ocean’ out there!

One application I dip in and out of regularly is Tweepi. It is a Twitter management tool, developed in 2009, which offers great stats about who you’re following and your followers in one easy to follow table style dashboard. The basic version is free and you can get started in a matter of seconds, connecting via OAuth.

Tweepi Dashboard imageTweepi allows you to manage your Twitter users by viewing who is reciprocating your following, who isn’t, when users last tweeted and other statistics such as how active users are with their tweets, retweets, likes and even Klout scores. These features make it so easy to unfollow or follow multiple users in one quick swoop. You can see who you may have missed and who your best advocaters are, read Twitter profiles, send @ mentions and organise users into lists from within the application.

Two main free elements I like are the ‘Safelist’ and ‘List Members’ features.

Tweepi Safelist





As you can see in the screen grab above, the Safelist allows you to secure users by clicking on the security lock icon and safeguard against accidental following and unfollowing, which we all know can play havoc with our social media strategy.

Tweepi ListsThe List Members, shown above, allows you to pull in a segmented list from another user. The list has to be an open list of course and once you type in the username in the field illustrated it will give you the option to select any of their lists. The selected list will then visualise all user details in the table format for you to follow and populate into your own lists; much quicker than using Twitter itself.

Other useful functions include ‘Copy and Paste’ of multiple users, again visualising details in the table format and searching for hashtags and keywords.

The premium paid version is coming soon and will allow you to automate unfollowing certain users and additional cleansing functionality such as non bio description and non avatar users but for now, the basic free version is perfect and extremely useful.

Do you use Tweepi? Do you have any further tips or suggestions for similar tools, we’d be happy to hear about them.

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