Is Social Media making us more frustrated?

Is Social Media making us more frustrated / Market Avenue LtdI think there’s a valid argument here. With the explosion of social media and our incessant urge for real time; real time information, real time virtual conversations, real time conversions and transactions, it seems as though we no longer have the patience to wait.

Can avid Twitter tweeps wait 3 hours for an email response or Google alert fanatics wait 24 hours for a call back? And when the internet connection is lost…well, the world simply collapses around our feet doesn’t it?

How much of a divide could this potentially cause between early adopters of technical innovation and technophobes? Could this lead to a loss of business, a bad reputation, or a black list for a company or individual if responses fail to appear within minutes? There could be further potential to segment audiences.

Social media platforms offer a great way to connect with customers, friends and colleagues. They offer a two-way communication route in a sociable environment and a great way to build relationships.

But could Bashful metamorphose into Grumpy because Snow White isn’t answering her iphone immediately and it’s panic stations because he can’t find the pepper…just a thought!

Creative potential, excellent communication, exciting social sphere but with a slight red eye?

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