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Colour trends

When choosing an image for use with an article or in a design, what assists us in our choices? Is it the current trend for a certain colour of image or is it more dependant on how well an image represents the product or story in focus?

Shutterstock have recently released data relating to their most popular images for the past few months of the year. They have identified certain trends relating to current issues of a time of year and the more popular colours for certain countries across the world.

Colour Trends/Shutterstock image

During the World Cup they noticed a high proportion of green toned imagery being downloaded, particularly those containing grass. A popular theme by default maybe, as people “jumped onto the back of the world cup” for their own advertising and promotions, more so than any other reason. Similarly, they will probably notice a high volume of red and gold themed images being downloaded between now and the end of the year.

But what is it that really determines the popularity of certain coloured images throughout a year? And is it really something that we take into consideration when choosing imagery? I know I don’t think about the season when choosing imagery for our holiday villas company graphics. The two themes couldn’t be further away at the moment. I would certainly rather be thinking about relaxing by a pool in the sun than the chilly days that are upon us in the UK at the moment.

But when thinking about certain other clients, maybe the season subconsciously does pay a part in my choices, mainly when associated with special celebrations at particular times rather than anything else. An autumn product theme would almost definitely have an orange or red coloured image utilised as its background, and I’ve most definitely produced a couple of gold and red themed Christmas leaflets over the past month or so.

I still wouldn’t say that that pays the most important part in imagery choices for me though. The theme of the particular advert, leaflet or graphic is still at the forefront of my mind when making my choices and those lovely thoughts of holidays in warmer climates certainly eases the trawling for images through various searches.

I wouldn’t look into the data associated with how many times an image had been downloaded from any of the various online image banks, to see how popular it was at the time before obtaining an image.

So it seems, from my perspective, the themes associated with image popularity are more so there by default than by want of trying or anything else. Most designers would, subconsciously or not, theme their graphics around a certain time of year, making similarly styled images more popular at these times.

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