Strategy: Your Blog Central Hub

A real quick  and easy strategy tip for you here which is so frequently overlooked!

Use your blog as a central hub for your social media posting activity. One jam-packed blog article could generate 6-12 plus posts to circulate relevant industry information across your social media profiles and network of connections.

Ensure a large percentage if not every post carries a link back to your relevant blog article and ask visitors to leave their own comments and opinions to improve the overall engagement on your blog articles and respond! Use a url shortener such as Bit.ly to track the success of your posts with valuable analytics or if you are using a management application such as Hootsuite this functionality is already built in for you.

And last but not least, integrate your blog into our website, whether bespoke or utilising a free platform such as WordPress or Blogger; why send visitors here there and everywhere, keep it a consistent hub of relevant, informative information and throw a little personality in there for good measure!

Please share any useful tips you’ve found that work well for your business.


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