Airforce Boeing RB-29A Superfortress

Do you address different personality types in your copy?

Last bank holiday Monday I visited the B-29 ‘over exposed’ crash site in the Peak District.

It was an equally sad yet inspiring experience.

On reflection, this experience made me think about different client personalities and their expectations.

The wreckage of the United States Airforce Boeing RB-29A Superfortress, scattered all over the landscape, has lain there since 3 November 1948.

Airforce Boeing RB-29A Superfortress

Impressive doesn’t quite cut it.

Standing in the middle of a slice of military history with engines and gun turrets strewn amongst the wings and fuselage of the plane was captivating.

We spent ages, despite the battering rain and wind, taking photos and reflecting on the incident.

A small RAF memorial shared information about the Boeing and its crew. I wanted to know more and Googled the site later at home. But that’s my personality. I like detail, I’m curious, I want to understand the intricacies.

We were the only people at the site when we arrived, but more came and went during our visit.

I was amazed that a group of people walked straight through the remains without reading the memorial or taking photographs. They didn’t even stop!

Maybe they were on a daily walk and had passed through this incredible site before. Perhaps they weren’t bothered enough to stop. Maybe it was the weather, or perhaps they had no interest in history and didn’t care about the detail.

Airforce Boeing RB-29A Superfortress

So, what’s the point of my story?

Not all clients want details. Some will scan through headlines and subheadings and pick up on pictures. And that will be enough.

For detail clients, they will appreciate knowing the underlying features and benefits of a solution. They will welcome testimonials, before and after photos, and an optional way to find out more.

The question is – how well are you serving your clients?

Do you provide for the wants and needs of all personality types in your marketing copy? If not, think about the skimmers and detailers and give them both what they need.

I’d love to know if you have ever been to the B-29 crash site and your thoughts.

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