Strategic Storytelling Course

Gain Clarity on Ideal Clients, Create Compelling Copy & Get More Enquiries with Strategic Storytelling

Strategic storytelling techniques that increase web traffic and leads

Fed up fumbling around not knowing what to say or who to speak to?

Frustrated with social media content and how the hell to get engagement?

Sick of getting no website enquiries?

Stop procrastinating now.


Introducing the 12-module strategic storytelling course


This 12-module strategic storytelling course will introduce you to proven conversion copy techniques. You will be able to craft ‘word magic’ that speaks to your ideal clients and addresses their wants and needs with confidence.

      • Boost community engagement
      • Increase targeted web traffic
      • Secure more leads
      • Eliminate the overwhelm of not knowing what to say
      • Get rid of time-wasting enquiries
      • Save your sanity!


This course is perfect for business owners and marketing or sales professionals. If you enjoy writing but lack inspiration and structure and need to convert more, this is for you.

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What is involved?


You will receive two live group coaching sessions every week over a six-week period. The sessions are organised this way to maintain momentum and provide hands-on support.


Between each session, you will implement what you’ve learned to embed the techniques and gain benefits quickly. Sharing best practice during the live sessions will help all participants to grow together.


Discover how to match client needs and wants by tapping into their emotions and crafting strategic stories that also align with your why and values.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:


      • Identify ideal clients
      • Understand client anxieties, pains and pleasures
      • Discover client FAQs
      • Find values and purpose
      • Create a unique tone of voice
      • Write compelling stories that connect with emotions
      • Craft persuasive words that encourage action
      • Create content that is being searched for on Google
    • Find an authentic tone of voice that speaks to your perfect client with compassion and authenticity.

Banish time stuck in brain fog


Learn how to create stories that inform, educate, empower and inspire. Understand different personality types and discover the ‘secret sauce’ you can drip in to your stories that hits the sweet spot. 


      • Gain templates for web pages, blogs, emails and social content
      • Learn about the different stages of customer awareness
      • Understand persuasive copy techniques 
      • Never be lost again for ideas  

This course is ideal for business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs who are their brand and need to define their tone of voice

The course is also suitable for professionals in a sales and marketing role who need help with strategic storytelling across all marketing channels. 

Why does this all matter?

Because business owners need sales;

Compelling stories start conversations;

Conversations build rapport with ideal clients;

And clients create sales.

Module 1

Mindset, Values & Vision

Module 2

How to Identify Ideal Clients

Module 3

Client Anxieties & FAQs

Module 4

Positioning, Slogans & USPs

Module 5

Selecting Tone of Voice

Module 6

Personalities & Buyer Awareness

Module 7

The Art of Storytelling & Sharing

Module 8

Structuring Website Pages

Module 9

Search Engine Optimisation

Module 10

Compelling Blog Article Writing

Module 11

Sales Landing Pages  & Social Media

Module 12

Emails and Headlines

Meet your host

Anna Woolliscroft

Anna has over 20 years of marketing experience and founded Market Avenue Limited in 2009.

She specialises in creative strategic storytelling and conversion copywriting solutions for professionals who are their business or brand and established organisations that want a strategic storytelling approach to their copy and content.

Anna knows all too well about self-sabotaging behaviours and how the fear of failure, impostor syndrome and perfectionism can stifle creativity. She brings her knowledge of human behaviours and psychology into the mix of marketing and sales. Anna speaks from a journey of self-discovery in business and using stories to confidently put yourself out there, make connections and generate sales.

Away from her desk, you’ll find Anna on trail running adventures, chilling on her Shakti mat listening to an entrepreneurial podcast or whipping up a home-cooked meal.

When time allows, Anna supports wildlife welfare, heritage and conservation organisations.

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