Strategic Storytelling Academy

Do You Want to Gain Clarity on Ideal Clients, Create Compelling Copy & Get More Enquiries?

Storytelling techniques for business that connect

Fed up fumbling with not knowing what to say or who to speak to?

Frustrated with social media content and how to encourage engagement?

Sick of tweaking your website copy?

Stop procrastinating!

Introducing the ‘Storytelling Academy’


The 3-month ‘Storytelling Academy’ will align you with your values and ‘why’ in business. You’ll learn how to write powerful copy and content that speaks to your ideal clients. Addressing anxieties and desires with confidence is easy when you feel emotionally connected to your messages.

      • Create content that attracts ideal clients
      • Feel aligned with sales and marketing
      • Eliminate the overwhelm of not knowing what to say
      • Wave goodbye to time-wasting enquiries
      • Make sales and marketing joyful


The ‘Storytelling Academy’ is for business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers. If you’re passionate about your business, and enjoy writing but lack inspiration and focus, this is for you.

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What is involved?

The ‘Storytelling Academy’ blends on-demand self-learning modules with online group coaching Q&A calls.

You will develop copy and content writing skills to ensure your messages are authentic and feel ‘in flow’ with where you want to take your business.

You will receive access to: 

  • 12 core on-demand video modules
  • Bonus how-to videos
  • Editable PDF workbook
  • Copy and content formula templates
  • Bi-weekly Q&A online video calls
  • Archived copywriting video module fundamentals
  • Optional 1-2-1 sessions (additional cost)
  • Extra reviews of individual work (additional cost)

Discover how to unleash your authentic voice and attract the clients you were always meant to serve.


Want to banish brain fog?

When was the last time you sat down to write a social media post, blog article or email and blank page syndrome hit?


It happens and it’s frustrating!

The ‘Storytelling Academy’ on-demand modules build the foundations to become ‘writing ready’. Using advanced intuitive techniques you’ll learn how to unleash the creative genius that is your inner ‘storyteller’.

Discover how to repurpose meaningful stories from your own life experiences that will inform, educate, empower and inspire your ideal clients.


      • Identify ideal clients
      • Understand client anxieties, needs and desires
      • Uncover important client FAQs
      • Create an authentic voice that personifies you
      • Write compelling and emotionally charged stories 
      • Craft persuasive words that encourage inspired-action

Ditch sales and marketing struggles by mastering powerful storytelling for your business.

Why bother with storytelling?

Because too many business owners struggle with sales and marketing.

Complacency replaces enthusiasm and it’s easier to do nothing.

Many solopreneurs and freelancers write copy and content that isn’t aligned with them or their ideal clients.

Falling victim to perceived limiting beliefs such as impostor syndrome and unworthiness is common and it impacts the performance of copy and content.

Are you ready to change the narrative?

Academy On-Demand Modules

Before gaining access to the on-demand modules you will attend a live online ‘Art of Storytelling’ session to set the scene. During this kickstart session you’ll have the chance to set your intentions for the Academy and dip your toe into unrestricted creativity. You have permission to be playful and your true self!

Module 1

Becoming ‘Writing Ready’ & Visioning

Module 2

Identifying & Eliminating ‘Writer’s Blocks’

Module 3

Defining Values & Emotional Content Pillars 

Module 4 

Identifying Audiences & Ideal Client Personas

Module 5

Pinpointing Client Anxieties, Needs, Desires & FAQs 

Module 6

Crafting Key USPs, Positioning & Slogans

Module 7

Choosing an Authentic Tone of Voice & Approach

Module 8

Addressing Personalities & Buyer Awareness

Module 9

Structuring Web Pages for People & Search Engines

Module 10

Creating Compelling Blog Articles (Annual)

Module 11

Writing Sales Page Copy & Social Media Content

Module 12

Planning an Email Sequence & Subject Headings

On-demand learning modules are released weekly.

Q&A calls are scheduled at a time to cover questions concerning the second and fourth module of each month.

Meet your host

Anna Woolliscroft

Anna has over 20 years’ marketing experience and specialises in creative writing, storytelling solutions for businesses and writing therapy.


She has run Market Avenue Limited since 2009 and is on a mission to help business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers to repurpose life to master powerful storytelling.


Anna knows all too well about self-sabotaging behaviours and how the fear of failure, impostor syndrome and perfectionism can stifle creativity. She brings her knowledge of human behaviours, psychology and coaching skills into the mix of marketing and sales.


Away from her desk, Anna is a true adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys connecting with nature and filling her energy levels on trail runs, hikes and remote walks. Anna loves exploring new cities and allowing her inner child to be playful and have a go at anything new.


On a more chilled level, Anna ‘tries’ to meditate and loves to get lost in a crime novel, cook a nutritious meal for her partner, and sing to an eclectic mix of music.

What you'll gain

 ✔️ Clarity on key messages

✔️ Clearly defined ideal client avatars

✔️ Freedom from writer’s blocks

✔️ Space and confidence to write copy and content that’s true to you

✔️ No more wasted time

✔️ A time back guarantee

✔️ Access to your inner creativity

✔️ A way to find more paying clients

What to do next

If you want to write clear copy that’s true to you and allows you to be seen, heard and understand here are the next steps:


  1. Book a free 20-minute virtual coffee call
  2. We’ll investigate to see if we’re a good fit
  3. If everything feels right, there’ll be a link to click and a transaction to make
  4. You’ll start your ‘storytelling for business’ journey and I’ll be your guide:
    • Become writing ready
    • Eliminate writer’s blocks
    • Discover absolute clarity on ideal clients
    • Write authentic and compelling copy and content


It’s that simple. If we’re not a good fit, that’s fine. We’ll say goodbye and go our separate ways.

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