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Market Avenue Limited Systems

Market Avenue Limited Systems

The following systems are used to deliver client-facing services and internal business processes.

Each system name is hyperlinked to their individual privacy policy and where additional information is available specific to GDPR, please see the end column.

Business Process Systems  Main Privacy Policy  GDPR Specific
 Accounting Package Xero GDPR
 Client relationship management (CRM) Hubspot GDPR
 Project Management System Monday GDPR
 Online File Storage Dropbox GDPR
Online File Storage Google Drive GDPR
Bookkeeping ReceiptBank N/a
Payment Gateway GoCardless GDPR
Social Media  
 Social Media Publishing eClincher GDPR
 Social Media Platform Facebook GDPR
 Social Media Platform Twitter GDPR
 Social Media Platform LinkedIn GDPR
 Social Media Platform Instagram GDPR
 Social Media Platform Pinterest N/a
Social Media Platform YouTube N/a
Social Media Platform Google+ GDPR
Online Listings/Advertising  
 Online Business Listing Google My Business N/a
 Online Advertising Google Adwords (policy links as listed above) GDPR
 Online Advertising Facebook Advertising and Pixel N/a

Should you wish to contact us with any concerns you may have about our services please email us here.


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