Blogs – Short and sweet check list

Blogs / Market Avenue LtdWhilst this list is no means exhaustive and not applicable to every single post, it helps to have an overall check list to refer to.

  1. Is it direct response written? I.E. are you leading your readers to make some sort of decision…even if it is just to think about something?
  2. Is there a call to action?
  3. Is the content written using keywords and phrases to maximise optimisation?
  4. Have you added tags and/or SEO descriptions to your work?
  5. Have you included multimedia in the form of images, videos or podcasts?
  6. Does your content include external and internal hyperlinks, a way of offering more information?
  7. Is your content shareable to other social media sites?
  8. Can people contact you if they need to?
  9. Do you know how many people are viewing/commenting/sharing your post?
  10.  Have you checked your spelling, grammar and context – is everything appropriate?
  11.  Are external sources cited if used?
  12.  What is the relevance to your target customers – is it obvious and has the post been categorised correctly?
  13.  Have you used a catchy headline?
  14.  Has the blog article also been posted to your social media profiles?
  15.  Has the blog article been submitted to any relevant news aggregator sites

We hope this helps, please feel free to add anything you think is important to be added to the list.

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