The answer your website’s been looking for

FAQS: The answer your website’s been looking for

Potential clients will have questions – and lots of them – so providing the answers on your website will take you closer to a sale, but how do you achieve this without information overload? The answer is in FAQs. 

As far as tools go for breaking information down succinctly into nifty little self-contained packages, for copywriting FAQs are a champion asset. 

You don’t need to overthink Frequently Asked Questions and you certainly don’t need to overwrite them. By using single paragraph answers, it is possible to list all the reasons your clients would want to buy your product or service, address any concerns they might have and fill them in on facts and figures. 

But why not just put this on your home page? Your home page is very much your shop window in that it provides an enticing display that makes people want to find out more. If this is crammed with facts, figures, potential issues and every fact you can think of it could instead put people off. 

When looking for a product on the internet, customers are looking for a straightforward solution that they can quickly relate to. While you use your home page to sum up what you do, let your FAQs do the serious talking. 

Copywriting: What should I cover in my website FAQs?

Short, snappy and to the point – website FAQs written correctly should be a dream find for those wanting more information about a product or service quickly. 

Use a straightforward question and answer layout to make it super easy to follow and to allow your customer to quickly access the information they need. Continue to use the tone of voice that you have adopted across your website and avoid replicating technical information, instead break it down to make sense to everyone.

How you structure your website FAQs is also important. As with all the information you are presenting put the most relevant information at the top, not an obscure query you have been asked once. This can be a regular repeat question from people who have bought your product, or the information that you have identified as most valuable to customers considering your product. 

Always make sure website FAQs are relevant, accurate and truthfully answered to protect you brand. Stick to the facts and don’t just signpost customers to the answers, provide them with the information they are after. 

Tips for copywriting FAQs

If you are struggling to come up with content for your website FAQs or find it difficult to condense the information in quick answers, consider using a professional copywriting service for your FAQs. 

A professional copywriting service can complete your FAQs as a standalone page, or as part of a new website content project. 

Tips for copywriting website FAQs:

  • Don’t overload your website with information – save it for your FAQs 
  • Take the viewpoint of a potential customer – what would they want to know?
  • Is there a common query you get asked about your product or service? – add it to your FAQs.
  • Research common questions related to your product, either from internet search engines, specialist SEO tools or ask existing customers.
  • Don’t be shy about your FAQs – flag them up so potential customers know where to look for answers. 

If you feel confident creating your own website copy, or with the support of a copywriter, it is a good idea to turn your main FAQs into a longer blog post to further inform customers.

Enhance your brand with strong FAQs

Having a strong FAQ page on your website shows a commitment to detail and to enhancing the customer experience. Laying out any potential issues that customers may face and how to remedy them, and being transparent on product use, cost and availability will set your brand out as one that can be trusted and offers a responsive service.

A vital part of your online arsenal to attract new customers, FAQs are something that you should always include on your website – and commit to keeping up to date if necessary. 

Market Avenue specialises in copywriting for websites and can help you to create a content strategy that brings your brand alive. Whether you need a completely new website or want to add pages, such as FAQs, Market Avenue is here to help.

Contact Market Avenue for creative and succinct copy that will answer all your potential customers’ FAQs. 

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