Why Twitter is the new Facebook

If someone said to us 3 or 4 years ago that people would be leaving Facebook to join a social networking service that only allows you to post 140 characters at a time, we would think you were mad but the fact is, this seems to be the case.

In 2008 Twitter had a miniscule 3 million registered members compared to Facebook who were boasting nearly 97 million more! Now fast forward 4 years and the gap has come down somewhat, Twitter have half as many users as Facebook at 500 million and are constantly closing the gap between them.

So the question is, why are quite a few people beginning to jump ship? Maybe it’s because Facebook are introducing update after update that they say is “improving our experience” but really they don’t want to be outclassed by Google +. Facebook is becoming a lot more advertising based with suggestions to like this and like that cropping up all over the place. Gone are the days when you could login and see what your friend’s statuses were.

We think of Twitter as the new 3D TV or the iPhone, everyone wants one and it’s only a matter of time before they get it. People like its usability and trendiness. Your bio lets people know who you’re talking to and you have one area to put your picture so people know what you look like, it’s more simple than The Facebook that came out in 2004 yet people are still getting on it every day to see what the world is talking about.

Twitter has many likeable features which includ

Trending, whenever you login there will always be hashtags to tell you what people are most talking about for example, on Christmas day #HappyChristmas and #MerryChristmas will probably be trending.

The ability to follow people even if they don’t follow you back, this gives you the opportunity to follow a countless number of celebrities who use Twitter on a daily basis from Lord Sugar to Tom Jone

A 140 character post limit which means people won’t be going on and on with paragraphs of text that you don’t want to read, Twitter is a fast paced environment for fast living people.

Being on Twitter is a statement that you’re going places and you’re moving with the times, for a business to say “Yes we use social media, but not Twitter” is like saying “Yes you are my friend, but I have never liked you” You would be better off not saying it at all.

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