The Power of Twitter

I just wanted to share with you a very quick example of the power of Twitter.


One day last week a colleague called me, panicking because he needed an office on a certain day for a certain time but had exhausted all avenues. He had tried hotels, conference centres and contacted a few people he already knew to have offices in the area. There was either no space available or he was being quoted extortionate prices for just a couple of hours!


So, pronto I did a bit of social networking. A quick tweet on Twitter and a post on Facebook and LinkedIn and within 20 minutes I had received half a dozen retweets and a phone call offering me an office space suitable for 4-5 people for the desired date and time…for free as a good will gesture. This particular company had seen the tweet, checked availability and responded promptly. Excellent service from the company in question, an excellent outcome for my worried colleague and an excellent result from using Twitter.


Overall I had 12 retweets on Twitter and 5 offers of a room across Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly nothing came from LinkedIn, but then again I posted it to my wall instead of within a Group, so, not the best choice on my part.

Moral of the story…if you’re in a crisis and in need of some help, trust in your social media connections.


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