Ramblings: The Importance of Words and Spelling

Image of wordsI was driving down the motorway the other day only to be overtaken in the fast lane by someone clearly suffering from White van syndrome!

To make matters worse his sign writing skills (or proof reading) were a little to be desired because ‘no job to big or to soon’ stuck out like a sore thumb!

I know it’s only a minor mistake but it was glaringly obvious and made me hope that he takes more pride in his actual trades work than he does in his promotional messages!

In the age of UGC (user generated content) it’s to be expected that the odd typo may slip into  a blog or Twitter post. But really, it doesn’t take too much extra time to read through your words and check that the spelling, grammar and message correct and reads how it should.

When you’re in business, credibility is everything. Spend some valuable time checking before you go public.  This relates to anything in the public eye – blogs, advertisements and promotional leaflets.

And if you know that our beautiful English language has never been your strong point, have your work proof read by someone or several colleagues prior to submission/production.

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