5 things you should know about QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) Codes, sometimes referred to as Mobile Codes or 2D barcodes, are the next generation of barcodes. Here, we summarise five facts about this technology:

1. Free and worldwide: QR Codes are free to create and distribute; just Google ‘QR Code generator’. They can also be read anywhere in the world with the same result, by using downloadable QR Code scanners.

2. Designed for smartphones: You will need a special QR Code reader app installed on your phone to interpret the Codes. These include QR Reader for iPhone, QR Droid for Android, Blackberry App World App and Windows Phone 7 Bing, these allow you to scan a QR Code quickly and easily where ever you are.

3. Can store up 7000 characters: Take a look at www.beqrious.com/generator to give you a good example of what you can store in a QR Code. Once printed, you cannot change the result. So keep it simple and test before you print. This will ensure that the QR Code includes everything that you want to go out there.

4. You need precision: QR Codes suffer from camera flash reflection, out-of-focus, distance restrictions, low-light conditions and low-quality printed Codes. If you’re providing these to an exhibitor, print clear/sharp Codes and display these in good light in an unobstructed location to get a clear photo. This will make it easier for the person who is trying to scan the QR Code.

5. They are a predecessor for NFC: Master QR Codes now and get ready for the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, the next generation electronic QR Code. NFC is being branded as the next step beyond QR Codes for its ability to provide similar communication capabilities but without the need for barcodes. Much like Bluetooth, NFC allows a two-way exchange between two devices to enable the technology and was developed to aid wireless transactions, trade digital contact details and connect devices. NFC will allow users to simply wave their phones near the tag to download information. The rise of Google Android phone take-up and Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 will ensure NFC tags go conventional.

Let us know what you think of QR Codes, would you use them for your business?

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