Strategy: How to come up with Blog Content Ideas

Strategy / Market Avenue ltdOne question I come across all the time both casually, at initial meetings and the start of any social media workshop is “but what do I post or blog about?”

The easy answer would be to say anything that’s relevant to your business but for some people, writing doesn’t come naturally and the thought of their writing being publically visible is even more daunting!

Here’s 8 quick tips to get your brain in first gear and the fuel to the little grey cells again:

1. Carry an ideas book with at all times (well most of the time) to pencil in those eureka moments; guaranteed they always pop into your head when you’re not at work!

2. Get a pen and paper ready at the end of each day and list 5 positive things that have happened to you, your company or within your industry throughout the day; make it part of your routine.

3. Involve your hobby! Think about it, how much business is done on the golf course? See how you can approach your hobby subject matter from a business point of view; your fellow Koi Carp fanatics could be your next target audience!

4. Read your company brochure again – you know it’s been awhile – and jot down those industry buzz words, your company unique sales propositions and your values.

5. Have a content strategy and ideas meeting with the whole team; all you need is an hour every other week, a mug of coffee and a packet of ginger nuts!

6. Set up some Google Alerts to find relevant industry articles to comment on and use these to generate your own opinions, ideas and reviews.

7. Schedule some regular industry blog reading time for your own knowledge, to stay in the know and to glean food for thought, view Technorati and Digg for inspiration.

8. Check out Facebook questions and LinkedIn polls for industry conversation.

Good luck and please feel free to add any additional tips below.

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