Ramblings: Good Intentions and an Ideas Book

Over the Easter break I was thinking about how often we start out with good intentions that fall along the wayside when we become really busy and not just with reference to businesses, this notion relates to all aspects of life!

Much of this comes down to our personality, organisation skills and how we balance what life throws at us in the form of opportunities and obstacles. I personally work better and more productively when under pressure and extremely busy yet some people work much better at a steady, methodical and even pace.

Often, I find myself unable to sleep at night or rudely interrupted, whilst trying to concentrate on a project, by my own inner voice with a tiny creative thought for a client campaign or a new idea to explore, that could open a new revenue stream or opportunity. These thoughts can grow into a campaign idea but also cause a loss in focus from the task at hand which brings me back to my original intention for writing this rambling blog article…initial good intentions.

About a year ago I bought a hardback notebook, with guilt edges and quality gsm paper pages. The original good intention was to purchase something of a reasonable value to be assigned a high value perception to hold invaluable quips, ideas, a creative collection of thoughts and business and personal achievements. I used to carry the notebook around with me at times so I could jot down thoughts throughout the day and refer back to them when I had the time to focus. And the good intention did last for awhile until I became side tracked!

I did the inevitable, put the notebook down in that safe place we all have and forgot about it.

Much to my pleasure when I found it again the other day, underneath a pile of books, papers, and a few other unsavoury characters, and read through some of my scribbled ramblings.  Creative they are and yet they also pose the foundations for blog topics, business growth strategies, personal celebrations and aspirations and campaign ideas; all the so called goals and challenges we are so often reminded of by business and life coaches.

Perhaps I should have written this blog before my last few because it was the inspiration that convinced me to bring even more personality into my social media strategy and blog posts. And it feels more comfortable and, well, just fits!

So, if you only take one good thing out of this rambling blog post, invest in an ideas notebook, assign some value to it and you’ll be surprised where it takes you!

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