National Clean Off Your Desk Day – National Days

National Clean Off Your Desk Day- January 13th 2014

As the stress and workload of 2013 fades into the past, your poor desk or cubicle is left in need of a thorough spring clean.

National Clean off Your Desk Day encourages you to clear and organise your workspace ahead of the new working year.Traditionally held on the second Monday of January, the national day not only encourages cleanliness in the office environment but also invites fun and entertainment into the business.

From a marketing perspective, it is also a perfect opportunity to humanise your business and create a rapport with consumers. The whole desk-cleaning process could be documented on social media with all the odd things that are found being shared with the world.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day - National Days

Everyone finds something weird in their desk- don’t they?

What’s yours?

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