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The colour of the season

Every fashion magazine, designer and high street shop has a popular colour for the coming season, and whether you decide to follow their lead is up to you. I like to take my guidance from the time of year and even the particular day we are in at the time.


The seasons make me feel differently. The weather and particular plants and trees change our landscape so much throughout the year and take us on a journey through the colour spectrum.

As a new year dawns, there is always a slight chill in the air, breath trails can be seen and frost covers the ground hiding the colour from our landscape. Tones of white, grey and silver glisten from everywhere, highlighting the frost on the tips of the blades of grass and icy frozen lakes. This doesn’t lend much wardrobe inspiration if the surroundings are shrouded in frost or snow. My warm grey UGG boots are dusted off and cosy coats brought out to hide any warm colours underneath. It seems natural to wear cooler colours for a cold season while we all look longingly for signs of spring on the horizon.

Months pass and slowly the morning frosts go by and the snowdrop and crocus tips start to emerge from their dormant winter sleep, waking up to a newly emerging world of colour. The bright yellow daffodils follow suit and warm the landscape for miles around reminding us how warm the sun feels on our skin. New life starts to grow all around as the trees’ new leaves add green to the landscape palette, and another warming shade. The yellows, oranges, greens and other bright colours emerge as a sign that the lighter days are upon us, which then get longer and warmer. The cold dark morning commute is done for a few months as our wardrobes become more colourful and enlightening.

We all feel happier in the summer with its bright warm mornings, lovely evening sunsets and (almost) guaranteed sunshine … enough to warm the coldest of cores. Pinks, purples, reds and vivid colour combinations are certainly staples in my summer collection. We all feel more confident to sport such colours in the warmer months too, as our shorts get shorter and we show off more skin. If warm colours are connected with the warmer months of the year, we may be in for a hot bright summer this year if the high street neon trend is anything to go by.

As the year starts to draw to a close, the darker colours tone our landscape down to match the ever decreasing temperatures. The bright colour drains from the leaves of the trees, replaced by darker, richer tones of amber and auburn. The plants begin to hibernate, taking their colour with them, and we all begin to cosy up for the coming festivities and merriment.

Our environment and surroundings influence how we feel, which in turn changes how we ready ourselves to experience the particular time of year. My favourite time of year is definitely when the new daffodils start to poke through the soil, the turning point for the weather, the clocks, and our wardrobes.


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