5 Basic Tips for Copywriting

Copywriting / Market Avenue Ltd1. 70% Brain Storming, 5% Writing and 25% Editing.

When writing a document make sure you spend 70% of the time brainstorming, 5% writing and then 25% editing to ensure it is written how you want it to be.

2. Understand the types of questions people will want to ask about your product or service and then answer them in the copy.

Think about the questions customers or potential customers might ask and try to write the answer in the document so that they don’t have any unanswered questions.

3. Readers, who are they and what is their level of understanding?

Think about the people who are going to be reading the documents you are creating and what type of information would be relevant to the readers. Also, think about whether the reader can understand what is written by the use of language.

4. Understand problems people might have with situations, services, products and provide a solution.

Think about problems that customers could have with the service/product and try to think of a way that a particular problem can be solved, and then provide it to the customer.

5. Never use words that do not need to be there.

Don’t unnecessary words as it makes the document long and the reader can begin to lose interest.

Have you any more tips for copywriting to add?

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