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RSS Black icon imageWell, I’ve been extremely lapse with my own blogging so far this year I’m ashamed to say! There’s no excuse, except for being really busy with social media workshops, training, profile reviews and new clients. Indeed, 2011 has been a good year so far but I need to get back  to practicing what I preach!

So, I’ll be blogging once a week at a minimum and because blog content has and is continually diversifying into a plethora of essential resources, useful reviews, key industry information across all levels, opinions, feedback and observations, I’ll be compiling a reading treasure chest of precisely that!

To make it really easy, each blog article will be catagorised for you to pick and choose what you wish to read, so, you can ignore my ramblings and stick only to the juicy business, marketing and social media tips (although I do quite enjoy reading a rambling or two myself, it shows personality!). The categories will be content based and the following content will be included in the main headline for ease:

  • Pure Social Media Marketing News
  • Social Media Ramblings
  • Social Media Marketing Reviews
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Campaign Ideas

Topics will be predominately social media marketing focused although my associates and I have a broad background in traditional marketing, copywriting, creative and online marketing and usability so we’ll keep the content fresh and informative and relevant!

I hope you’ll find the future articles interesting, across the catagories, and any experience feedback, comments, opinions or quirky observations will be greatly appreciated.


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