Finding Your Inner Storyteller – Are You Out Of Alignment

How to Eliminate Writer’s Blocks & Find Your Authentic Voice

How incredible would it be to have an unambiguous message, a well-defined ideal client avatar and endless content ideas?

What would it feel like to write copy that speaks to clients with ease?

What would life look like if your marketing messages resulted in more
enquiries and sales – from like-minded people who you wanted to work with?

You’d be strutting your stuff like Jagger and high-fiving your genius, right?

But it’s not always like that, is it?

Picture the familiar scene… chewing on the end of a pen… tapping your fingernails incessantly on the desk… staring into space… desperately trying to find the inspiration to write your next email, blog article, social media post or pitch.

But the inspiration isn’t surfacing.

How do you feel?

  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Envious, bitter, or making comparisons towards others
  • Disappointed

Is it a time of thick woolly head space where a headache starts to throb and you
consider ditching the task at hand and doing something more, well, easy?

You’re out of alignment

The emotions you feel are your mind’s way of informing you that you’re out of alignment.

This mis-flow is common among writers and people who want to write copy and
content for their business. There is a block, or series of blocks, getting in the way and the outcome is writer’s block… blank page syndrome… articulation affliction.

Your inner storyteller is being held back from sharing its full creativity and authenticity in your work.

If often easier to not do anything, especially when resentment sets in from seeing others publishing perfect content and gaining daily engagement.

Consider the following steps as a way to create the foundations required for your storyteller to be heard and be seen.

The steps below will encourage you to identify, acknowledge and overcome the blocks preventing you from writing compelling copy and content. Overcoming these blocks will encourage your inner storyteller to feel comfortable speaking out.

#1 Find your time

What time of day do you find yourself more energised, creative and productive?

Spotting these times and working with your natural energy bouts will result in you achieving more in less time. Trying to force yourself to concentrate or be creative when you’re not feeling it will never result in your best work.

#2 Find your space

Sometimes the four walls you work in will feel constricting. You may find working in a coffee shop with background hustle and bustle, a busy office or a quiet, comfy space more conducive.

There’s no right or wrong way to work. If you’re achieving what you need to, be curious about the space you work in.

#3 Clear your time

It’s an obvious one but so many people fail to do it – and that is to eliminate all distractions.

When it comes to writing copy and content your mind needs to be focused. Any distraction, no matter how small it may seem will interrupt your flow.

#4 Recognise when you’re out of flow

When you’re out of alignment, writing is hard and you will feel uncomfortable.

Every time you feel a low mood or negative emotion, take a couple of minutes to make notes around what you are doing, where you are, who you are with or what have you heard, seen, smelt, tasted or touched. Take steps to move away from the triggers you identify.

#5 Notice when you’re in flow

Just as you are starting to recognise when you’re out of flow, be mindful of when you are in flow. Notice when you feel happy, relaxed and at peace. Take a couple of minutes to write down what you are doing, where you are, who you are with or what have you heard, seen, smelt, tasted or touched.

Take steps to move towards the triggers you identify so that you feel happier, more relaxed and more at peace.

#6 Capture all ideas

Have ways and means to record your ideas so that they never go astray. Keep a notebook in your bag or pocket or use an app on your phone to type or dictate the inspiration while on the move.

#7 Practice free flow writing

Free flow writing regularly will boost your energy, creativity and focus. Without the practice your writing will become rusty, and it’ll seem like hard work. This is where writer’s blocks can set in, and you will struggle to come up with ideas and expand them.

Expand these steps to unleash your powerful storyteller

Most people have blocks holding their storyteller back.

They are not ready to write because they haven’t found their authentic voice and don’t have the confidence to speak from the heart. This uncertainty clouds the
understanding of who their ideal client is and how best they can serve them.

Clarity is everything when writing to address the anxieties and desires of ideal clients.

Acknowledge the frustrations, anger, disappointment and bitterness that
fuels fundamental and perceived limitations. It is these limitations that are causing your writer’s blocks.

Free the blocks, reframe your why and write – it’ll be fun.

If you want to learn more, please download our free PDF guide to help you connect (or reconnect) with your inner storyteller.

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