Don’t use don’t

Don’t use don’t / Market Avenue LtdEver wonder why, when you ask someone to don’t do something, they do the complete opposite. For example, when you ask a child in a shop to not touch an item and they touch it any way. This is because the human mind doesn’t register words like “don’t” and “no”, and from a young age they associate the words as a positive. Instead of a negative. That’s why when writing a document for a business, you should remember to not use words like, don’t, as the people reading it are more than likely, to read it as a positive, instead of a negative as it was intended too. This can be a problem for businesses that are trying to get a certain message out, that need words like don’t, but using this particular word can cause the message to be misinterpreted.

So overall don’t use don’t if you want the correct message to get to your clients.

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