A Jack of All or a Master of Niche – Your Energy Levels Will Tell You

Is Time Management or Energy Management More Important?

As a copywriter, I get asked a lot about social media.

Just because I write for a living doesn’t mean I write social media content. That’s an assumption – and if we’re connected on any social media platform, you’ll know that my activity is far from consistent! Social media sucks my energy, but more on that later …

The thing is copywriters have different fortes. Many specialise in writing for specific marketing channels or industries. Conversion copy, search engine optimisation copy, and content creation are all different types of writing (and by no means exhaustive). One copywriter may specialise in writing copy for emails, another for sales landing pages and another for social media content.

You will also find people who write copy and content for anyone and every channel.

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How Can You Be Good at Everything?

I used to fall into the latter category. I was a workaholic, people pleaser and wanted to do an excellent job for everyone. I said yes to any type of copy project I was approached for – blog articles, website copy, job descriptions, company or personal bios, leaflet and brochure copy, email content, social media posts and online adverts.

And I would write for any industry.

But I was exhausted … my brain fried from researching too many different topics … overwhelm rising from keeping up with changes in algorithms, hashtags, persuasive copy techniques and search engine optimisation.

A ‘jack of all’ copy and content writing comes to mind because I felt like a master of none. What I didn’t know, at the time, was that I was also desperately trying to prove my worth. Something you may relate to if you’ve experienced personal development work or counselling.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed a lot of what I wrote and, for the most part, gained excellent feedback from my clients. But it wasn’t sustainable long term. It was hard work and I was drained.

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Today I’m Older and Wiser

Your ENERGY is significant.

People often talk about time management as the key to business productivity, success and feeling in flow. But I disagree. I think energy is the key. Energy is vital to running a successful and efficient business. It is also the route to feeling aligned with marketing yourself and your business. If you have no energy, there is no drive, no passion, no purpose. Therefore you won’t want to tell anyone! And if you try, the messaging will be confusing.

When I made the connection to energy, I made changes in my business. Deciding to say goodbye to a few clients was tough. Some were long term. But the sector they operated in or the type of writing they required sapped my energy.

Soon after, I came across the Human Design profile.

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Do You Know What Your Profile Is?

I love personality and preference profiling. You’ve probably heard of DISC, Emergenetics, Myers Briggs and the Enneagram. I’ve completed them all and am grateful for the knowledge gained. I learnt a lot about myself and how to best work and communicate with others.

But when I learnt about Human Design, it struck a chord. Developed in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu, Human Design considers personality, strengths and weaknesses based on individual energy lines. While this might sound a bit woo woo, I like how the model taps into energy.

People often comment about my ‘good energy’ or how I seem to energise them – something I’ve never noticed, at least not until recently.

Now, I 100 per cent know when I’m in alignment with whatever I’m doing. How? Because I’m energised about the task at hand. Creativity flows. Stuff gets done. Quickly. And I love it.

Therein lies a critical message. By doing what you love, you are in alignment, which generates energy, often in abundance.

Imagine having your energy leak out like a slow puncture. Eventually, you’ll feel flat. You’ll be flat.

This is why so many people struggle in business and their personal lives. They don’t have sufficient energy. Whatever they are doing, whoever they are with or how they live, is out of alignment. It’s depleting their energy.

When was the last time you felt flat? What were you doing? Who were you with?

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A Generator Keeps on Going

I am a generator Human Design type. This means that I am more than capable of generating my own energy and working on something for hours and hours. The caveat? It must excite me.

It goes a long way to explaining why I’ve always been a workaholic.

Digging deeper into the profile has also helped to clarify the sources of boredom and frustration. These are my signs for not being in alignment. Signs that my energy is depleting.

Can you relate to this?

Observing these behaviours has helped me niche my work, refine ideal clients, and have much steadier energy levels. I produce better copy because my energy naturally stays topped up as I work.

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Keeping your energy levels topped up – another lesson to be learnt

Learn to notice when you are aligned. When you feel in flow. When your energy is high.

Notice this in a workplace setting and your personal life.

Write down what you are doing and who you are with when you feel alive and low. What happened to change how you feel. Mark yourself out of ten for energy at the start of the day and again at the end.

Observing your energy will help build up a picture of what makes you happy – so you can do more of it!

Discovering when you feel aligned at work will highlight the projects that excite you – the ones where your best work is created. It will also emphasise the people and sectors that you are more in tune with. Therefore, allowing you to home in on ideal clients and marketing messages.

For me, I niched my work to focus on website copy, book writing and sales pages within an industry where I consume vast amounts of content even in my personal time. I rarely work on social media content and I know when to say no to a task that hoovers up my energy.

I’d love to know what gives you an energy boost or diminishes it in the comments.

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