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Show little acts of kindness – some people deal with shite every day

Yesterday evening when I switched off my computer I realised it was bin collection day on Tuesday and I had an idea. The little grey cells do still flex every once in a while to ignite a flicker of creativity. I felt a real urge to make an effort and thank one set of often subliminal yet still essential key workers that we all rely on every single week of year – pandemic or not. Our bin men.

So off I trotted downstairs to fill a bucket of hot soapy water and ventured out to the back garden to give my bins a spot of TLC. Now Blue, Brown and Grey are all getting on a bit. I adopted the trio last September when I moved house and although they’re a bit rough around the edges they scrubbed up well after the beer-mat towel and Fairy liquid combo worked their magic. Just because the bins store the rubbish we no longer want doesn’t mean they (or the bin men) have to suffer in squalor!

Think about how many grubby bins that the rubbish collectors have to touch every single day. It’s not a great job at the best of times with the smell and grime, and they certainly can’t be expected to wash or sanitise their hands after handling each bin can they?

I found a sample pot of dusky pink paint from the dusty depths of my garage and decorated Grey’s lid with a thank you message to share my appreciation with the collection guys in the morning. I feel a sense of satisfaction and think Grey will be proud to sport gratitude in the morning! It’s the least I could do and I’ll be washing out the inside of each bin as soon as they are empty too. It’s the start of another new habit.

Now I’m no Picasso, and my scribbles during the Burslem School of Art’s Adult Learning Drawing Course proved that, but I’ve done my best and it’s the thought that counts, right?


Daily acts of kindness

You often hear about little acts of kindness, but before lockdown just how often did you go out of your way to spread a little joy? Probably not that often if you’re honest.

Some people have no choice but to go out to work at the moment and put their health (and their lives) on the line. It’s not just our NHS staff and social care workers, it’s utility providers, communication suppliers, food growers, retailers, engineers, delivery teams and warehouse workers. There will be many more people, roles and industries that I’ve missed out, but I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued effort and dedication to prop up the rest of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here with my feet up. I’m still working an average of six hours a day, but I am grateful to run a computer-bound business so I don’t have to venture outside of my four protective walls if I don’t have to. Sanity says otherwise, and fresh air calls, but you know what I mean.


The morning of truth

Well, I felt a little sheepish as I sat tapping away at my computer when I heard the bin truck turn the corner. I wanted to try and sneak a glimpse of the faces of the refuse collectors when they saw Grey’s message and when I did, it made me feel all gooey inside.

The guy walked up to the bin and paused momentarily to read my message. He shouted over to his colleagues as he pulled Grey towards the truck. I couldn’t quite tell whether they took a quick snap as they moved to take a peek because the hedgerow obscured them. I secretly hope so though! It feels good to show a little act of kindness.


What acts of kindness have you shown today?

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