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Do we really need more time or should it be more energy?

So many times I hear the words, ‘I need more hours in the day’ or ‘I need to clone myself.’ I say it myself, but do we?

What if we looked after ourselves in a way that our energy levels were continually topped up so that we could work more efficiently, gain more mental clarity and find better coping mechanisms?

I’ve been listening to a super insightful podcast, Happy Hacks by Kia Cannons. Kia is a creative artist and #happiness coach – how cool is that?

In a recent episode, she talked about us needing more energy and not more time and it resonated somewhat. I’ve been feeling drained just lately, a little overwhelmed some days and I honestly feel as though I’ve never been busier. Extra time spent participating in online video meetings, expanding my business network by connecting with more people, creatively thinking to pivot the business, and the obvious mental stress that we are all experiencing. I’m zonked!

We now know that Zoom fatigue is a thing and an #overthinking mind doesn’t always give you a boost. Even though developing the business is exciting and meeting new people is stimulating it can still be stressful and energy-zapping – it just doesn’t feel #overwhelming in a way that we typically understand stress to be.

Check in on your energy levels at the end of each day. We need time to relax, recuperate and recharge our batteries. We can have all the time in the world but if we’re energy depleted everything takes ten times longer. We lose concentration, skimp on detail and make less informed decisions.

I’ll never have more time in the day so my focus will be on replenishing my energy level so that I can work smarter not harder.

How is your energy level on a scale of 1 to 10?

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