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You’re on the road to success and you want more customers

You know that copy sells and you’re ready to fine tune your writing

Complimentary Copywriting Coaching | Market Avenue
But then the fear of getting it wrong and meddlesome perfectionism sets in and you end up pushing your copy tasks to the bottom of the pile.


No problem with that action if you don’t need a steady flow of sales or new clients and the bank balance is on the rise. Realisation kick in the teeth if the opposite rings true.


If you need help pulling the ideas from your head and crafting a series of bang-on messages that’ll have your customers in a frenzy wanting to speak to you, invest in your copywriting skills with our live copywriting workshops.


Each 90-minute workshop is hosted on Zoom with live tutor delivery and the chance for Q&A. An electronic workbook is included with access to the recording of the workshop for up to three months.


After the workshop, you will be eligible to join an exclusive monthly Facebook Storytelling Group with ongoing training and templates designed to continually improve your finesse. 

Who are the live workshops for?


The practical copywriting workshops are ideal for business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs who need compelling copy that results in action.


Each workshop is also suitable for professionals in a sales and marketing role who need help with storytelling and conversion copy techniques to ensure copy is consistent and generating a return across all marketing channels. 


Why should you care?


Because compelling copy builds rapport, adds value and generates more enquiries. Let’s face it, if you are not in front of a prospect to add personality and persuasion then it’s your copy that needs to do the heavy lifting for you.


The problem is, for most businesses, it doesn’t!

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Live Copywriting Workshops

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Live Copywriting Workshops | Market Avenue

“How to identify ideal clients and attract them like bees around a honey pot”


Are you frustrated because you don’t know whether your content is addressing the right audience?

Understanding who your ideal client is and what makes them tick will enable you to craft succinct marketing messages that connect and convert. Too many companies and brands talk to everybody, which actually has the outcome of speaking to nobody!

In this hands-on, practical workshop, learn how to:

  • Define your ideal client with military precision
  • Understand the differences between a client profile and persona
  • Banish weak marketing messages forever
  • Discover when, where and how to address your ideal client
  • Learn key communication techniques that reel in your ideal clients

By the end of the workshop, you will have clearly defined who your ideal client is and identified client personas. You will have created a series of targeted messages that address your clients and have a structured copy formula to use that speaks to them immediately.

“Find the voice of your customer” and…

Understand exactly what’s going on in their heads so that you can align your solutions with their needs

How do you know if your content is answering the needs of your ideal clients?


Most copy fails to connect because it doesn’t address the anxieties, pains and desires of the reader. Understanding what questions to ask and when to ask them can deliver masses of information that you can immediately convert into copy that persuades!


  • Identify major client anxieties and pains they want rid of
  • Discover how to highlight desires and solutions with precision
  • Understand when and what questions to ask your existing clients
  • Dismiss the fear of objections
  • Learn why most surveys never provide voice of customer data
  • Craft structured copy that speaks volumes to your ideal clients

By the end of the workshop, you will understand the voice of your customer and how to embed this into your marketing and sales messages. You will have developed a series of questions and surveys using a tactical structure to implement immediately into your business.

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Live Copywriting Workshops | Market Avenue 1

“Developing key messages that make you irresistible to your ideal clients”


How do you know if your marketing messages are landing and engaging?

Many companies fail to highlight how they can truly help their clients with marketing messages that are mixed and confusing and therefore offer zero value. Defining your unique selling proposition and a series of key messages will set you apart from the competitors and make you seem irresistible.

  • Identify what makes you different
  • Define why your clients should care so that they will buy!
  • Create a value proposition
  • Craft a mission statement that outlines your why
  • Construct a slogan and tagline that hits the mark. Every. Time.
  • Understand house style and why it’s a critical company asset

By the end of the workshop, you will have developed a brand language blueprint for your business that speaks the language of your clients. You will know how to craft persuasive copy that proves you have what your clients desire.

“Create compelling blog content for an entire year”


Do you suffer from blank page syndrome or brain fog disorder? If you do, then how do your clients know how you can help them?

Blog articles form part of a longer-term content strategy and help to build company assets with evergreen content and simple ways to repurpose great value. Search engines love websites with blogs, favouring them in providing quality content and value.

  • Understand the main types of blog articles and how to use them
  • Identify keywords that will drive traffic to your blog articles
  • Create 52 blog ideas that address your clients’ needs
  • Eliminate brain fog when it comes to writing
  • Discover how to position blog content based on buyer awareness
  • Know how to repurpose blog content across multiple platforms

By the end of the workshop, you will have created a plan for a year’s worth of blog content. You will have researched relevant keywords and crafted compelling blog titles that match Google searches and answer the questions asked by your ideal clients.

This workshop must be purchased at least one week prior to the live session.

It is also recommended that participants take the ‘How to Speak the Language of your Customer’ workshop before this one to maximise the output of your learning.

Live Copywriting Workshops | Market Avenue 2
Live Copywriting Workshops | Market Avenue 3

“Pull ideas from your head and use daily experiences to create compelling content”


Is your content boring and just like every other Rita, Sue and Bob too?

Discover why the most powerful way to market yourself is to craft a personal story for your business or brand. Stories are processed faster and are more memorable than facts alone because of their emotional edge. This encourages more engagement and conversion.

  • Discover the ultimate storytelling formula that attracts ideal clients
  • Uncover 12 super simple techniques to bring your storytelling alive
  • Learn how to emotionally structure web pages and key messages
  • Identify backstory elements that your clients care about
  • Understand how to switch from a reporter to a storyteller 

By the end of the workshop, you will have mastered the art of storytelling and developed a structured approach to creating story marketing messages that attract and persuade.

You will have mastered a formidable formula that can be adapted easily for social media content, email sequences and blog articles.

“10 ways to legally steal ideas and gain competitive advantage” 


Do you how you perform against your competitors?

Any marketing director, business coach or agency worth their salt will advise you to carry out competitor research. But where do you start?

Using a few simple strategies you can spy on your competitors to see how they are attracting clients and use this newfound knowledge to improve your marketing messages – without the hefty price tag.

  • Learn simple data mining techniques as competitors research
  • Spot what they do well and what they suck at!
  • Find out what paid-for-advertising your competitors are using
  • Identify your competitors’ keywords
  • Discover hashtag relevancy in your industry
  • Understand how to search for different types of content
  • Uncover online resources that will provide ongoing ideas

By the end of the workshop, you will know exactly what your competitors are doing and how you can outperform them to win more clients and make your offer more appetising.

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Meet your host

Anna Woolliscroft

Anna has over 20 years’ marketing experience and founded Market Avenue Limited in 2009.


She specialises in creative and conversion copywriting solutions for professionals who are their brand and established organisations that want a strategic storytelling approach to their copy and content.


Anna knows all too well about self-sabotaging behaviours and how the fear of failure, impostor syndrome and perfectionism can stifle creativity. She brings her knowledge of human behaviours and psychology into the mix of marketing and sales and speaks from a journey of self-discovery when it comes to business and putting yourself out there.


Away from her desk, you’ll find Anna on trail running adventures, chilling on her Shakti mat listening to an entrepreneurial podcast or whipping up a home cooked dish from scratch. 


When time allows, Anna supports wildlife welfare, heritage and conservation organisations.

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