I’m repelling technology – is it a lesson for life and in business?

Everything happens for a reason and when the universe is trying to tell you something, there’s only one answer: LISTEN.

As it’s National Storytelling Week I thought I’d share a recent true story to illustrate my point that there are always lessons to be learnt.

Picture the scene …

A dark and frosty morning. Mother Nature’s icy fingernails clawing at the windows. The warmth of my cosy orange/grey kitchen (it’s prettier than it sounds) protecting me from the bitterness outside.

I don’t normally work in the kitchen but as an early riser (anytime between 6 and 6:30 am), I’m often drawn to tapping on the computer before the inevitable 9 am disturbance commences.

But then, one December morning, disaster struck.

It was like a daydream. A transient vision of me as a successful international volleyball player. Or at least that’s my reasoning because how else could my forearm sideswipe half a cup of hot coffee all over the qwerty of my shiny new MacBook? Literally two months old.

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‘Wipe it off, tip it upside down and leave it in the airing cupboard’, I was told.

And it seemed to work … until day two.

When the screen faltered it was like one of those eye squinting scene transitions in a b-rated horror movie. Simply awful to watch.

It wasn’t long before the keys stopped working and the power button failed. Bye-bye laptop ☹️

The laptop dying meant I was unable to record my scheduled copy tutorial videos. But as Christmas was looming it was no biggie. Everything would be sorted in the new year.

Or would it?

Fast-forward to that meh period between Christmas and New Year …

The Market Avenue tools were down for a restful break, but if you’re anything like me – a workaholic who finds it hard to relax – it can be painful to chill.

Painting the office and bedroom was my solution to keeping busy. It was immensely therapeutic, offering a chance to listen to some of the many Audible business books stacked up during 2021.

But I somehow kept repelling technology

My Bluetooth speaker battery died and wouldn’t charge because the AC adapter had no life.

I failed at replacing shoddy old sockets with swish new brushed chrome flat plates. A long story and yet another unfinished job.

Fast-forward to 2 January and my mobile phone screen was freezing.

My Garmin watch (Christmas present) made horrendous noises that sounded like blue bottles meeting their end in an electric bug zapper. The result? All notifications ceased displaying.

But the final blow … the one that transformed the first working week of 2022 from kick-starting with a bang into a knockdown punch to the stomach …

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My iMac failed to switch on!

Argh! How is a gal supposed to get any work done?

Surely there’s a message here. An AI memo trying to get my attention. But what?

This story today is about repelling technology, but I have been fraught with plentiful setbacks since December – and I’m convinced these bumps in my road to progression have been put there for a reason.

‘What’s the reason’ you may ask?

I’m being told to slow down and think twice about workaholic tendencies. The fact that I’m a recovering overthinker and perfectionist supports this theory.

And I have further evidence … maybe a bit woo woo for some but stick with me …

I was gifted a set of oracle cards last year. The box doesn’t get opened often, but when I’m looking for a spot of divine inspiration, usually when I’m feeling at the end of my tether, they can be hugely impactful.

Here’s the thing…

Three times over the past eight weeks, the ‘take a break’ card has made itself known. Hmm … reinforcing the message perhaps?

Oh, and to top it off, I recently found out that the planet Mercury is in Retrograde (from 13 Jan to 3 Feb)?! Yes, apparently it’s a thing … Mercury appears to be travelling backwards (although of course, it’s not) and the time is typically associated with frustration, setbacks and confusion.

There you go – another message!

We live in a technology-driven world and pretty much every significant tech item around me has faltered or broken. The devices I need are saying no!

But I was confused.

December is usually a quiet month for me work-wise, so what did I need to take a break from in January? I’d just had a long break, surely.

I suppose I didn’t have much chill-out time, keeping active by running, hiking, DIY-ing, studying sales letter copy … and now I have the builders in. Even more disruption. But I wasn’t clocking 10-hour days.

What were these messages trying to tell me?

Do I need to retire? Change career? Curl up into a dark corner and completely re-evaluate? These were just some of the thoughts that plagued me. But then I realised what the lesson could be in all of this.

Maybe. Just maybe. I’m supposed to be content with doing nothing!

So, I sit here tapping my ancient MacBook Air reflecting as I write. It’s overheating. It’s taking forever to load pages. It’s even suggesting I kill the pages instead of waiting!

We’re doing our best and my fingers are crossed that this too won’t give up the ghost.

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The lesson learnt?

The lesson I’m taking from this turbulent relationship with tech is to not rush into 2022.

My usual narrative would be filling every waking hour with busyness. This year will be different.

This year I’m the one saying no and putting restful time first. I’ve eased into January and have made a conscious choice to experience 2022 in a more balanced state of being. I thank the technology blips for the message they have delivered. It’s not been easy but I’ve taken note. I’ve slowed down.

My goals are to streamline the services I offer through Market Avenue and to pace my workload. The setbacks have forced me to be more patient when things don’t go according to plan and I’m no longer putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

Curiosity leads to creativity

2022 is going to be a year of writing. Finally, I’m treating myself as a client and releasing the storypreneur within. This article has been a taster for more stories to come. Tales that have an underlying meaning. Messages that encourage you to stop and wonder.

It’s important to listen and look out for the things, people or situations that cause resistance or frustration. Often, there’s something you need to deal with or overcome before you are able to achieve what you set out to do.

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I’d love to know if you resonate with experiencing some kind of phenomenon that has delivered an important message. What have you been forced to stop, start or change? How have you started this new year differently?

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