Burwardsley Woods in Cheshire viewpoint

How well do you know your clients?

Last weekend I went on a hike with my partner to Burwardsley Woods in Cheshire. It’s beautiful and I’ve been there many times.

But this time was different.

Quite by chance we discovered a huge cave directly under one of the main pathways.

And it got me thinking 🤔

When it comes to buying decisions, many people hide the truth.

It takes time to get to know your clients and to understand the real pains and problems they have.

Some potential clients will lie 🤥

Maybe on purpose. Or maybe they don’t know why.

Burwardsley Woods in Cheshire cave

It’s your job to find out what lies beneath the surface. This is part of how you serve your clients.

Asking the right questions and finding the real reasons for pains and problems (or future desires) will help you to address these issues in your stories.

Without knowing these details and looking at situations from a different viewpoint, you will fail to connect with your clients.

Look at how you can serve your clients from as many different angles as possible to uncover the truth.

Address these angles and hidden elements by providing solutions.


Burwardsley Woods in Cheshire cave

Because these new angles and hidden elements will often form the objections your clients will have.

What hidden client pains and problems have you uncovered that you never knew were there until you looked at the situation from a different viewpoint?

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