30 day reconnection

30-day reconnection – forced maybe, worthwhile definitely

I had the pleasure of attending the Natural Materials Innovation Conference, a Chamber of Commerce event in October last year. A distant memory now! The event was fascinating and offered a real insight into some great Midlands companies making their mark in sustainable production and environmentally friendly processes – I do hope they are managing the COVID-19 tsunami.

After listening to a talk about the strength of a spider’s web it prompted me to do a spot of research (for pleasure not business) into Biomimicry – the process of using nature as inspiration to design and produce human systems, materials and structures.

As you do when something piques your attention I signed up to a few email lists on the subject. Consequently, if you’re anything like me (under normal circumstances) when life just gets in the way, I file certain emails in the folder labelled ‘read later’. You know the one. We all have one. The one that seems to turn into a black hole because the emails never reappear!


How about reconnecting?

A new email arrived in my inbox a few days ago, but with everything that’s happened recently I didn’t read it straight away. When I did, the subject line caught my attention. “30 days of Reconnection”. Curious. We need reconnection at this time, don’t we?

“Have we ever had such a moment? A moment for a forced, collective pause, where society has collectively dropped out of society? In this time of uncertainty, we would like to offer an opportunity to try a new practice, one built on reconnecting to nature.”

Precisely. We’ve been forced to pause and society has indeed dropped. Not disappeared, just fallen transitorily into one of those metaphorical black holes. Society will surface from this black hole though. And for the better. We are all learning valuable lessons on some level.

Back to the email. Keep a 30-day Biomimicry journal it said. Hell yeah I said. Get me reconnected as soon as possible! What a super way to embrace the elements that connect us to nature. And many of us now have the time to act on this. Many of us are developing the inclination to explore, to learn and to improvise. And for those who are still wallowing in some way, take on board the positives.

Nature has amazing healing qualities. Healing attributes within itself and for every entity around it. It always has done, society has just forgotten about it in favour of commercialisation and advancement. Look who’s biting back? Hello nature. I’ll take a step off my soapbox.


Embark on an exploration journey over the next 30-days

I’m a bit late in joining the 30-day discovery (and posting this update) but I have now started my Biomimicry journal and I’m really looking forward to learning something new each day.

I love nature. I love to be outdoors. It’s cleansing for the soul and it helps to rebuild and strengthen your mental agility. I personally can say that nature has helped me to heal through tough emotional times in the past. Even now, sitting in the garden, on my daily walks, I take a little dose of positivity and courage from when I see a busy bumblebee or a blossoming bud. Nature just gets on with it. If I ever changed my career it would be to do something outside. Hmm … there’s a thought. I may have some time over the coming weeks to reskill or at least have a taste of something new.

Here’s the link to find out more.

Start today. Get your partners, your children, your parents and colleagues involved.

Will you join me in keeping a Biomimicry journal – what do you think? I do hope so. Let’s use this time to explore and reconnect in every way we can.

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