Harness the Power of Strategic Storytelling

to Make More Sales

Discover Why the Most Powerful Way to Market Yourself is to Craft a Personal Story for Your Brand

Live Complimentary Story Crafting Workshop

Ideal for professionals who are their brand, sole traders and owner-managed businesses

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Complimentary Copywriting Coaching | Market Avenue

This complimentary  workshop will cover:

        • Why storytelling converts and most copy doesn’t
        • How to connect with your ideal client
        • Simple techniques to increase enquiries 
        • How to hook your readers through the power of storytelling
        • What search engines need to put you in front of ideal clients
        • Why readers are often left feeling confused
        • How to use stories to generate more sales

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Add Personality with Strategic Storytelling

Stories add personality and define a brand.


You could be selling the best thing since sliced bread, but if your stories don’t speak to your customers, it’s wasted time, wasted money and wasted effort.


Authentic Storytelling:


Adds personality

Boosts enquiries

Sells products and services

Increases online visibility


Why? Because stories connect


Learn how to craft stories that pop and reel in more customers


FREE Bonus Ideal Client Template When You Register

Meet your host

Anna Woolliscroft

Anna has over 20 years’ marketing experience and founded Market Avenue Limited in 2009.


She specialises in creative and conversion storytelling solutions for professionals who are their brand and established organisations that want a strategic storytelling approach.


Anna knows all too well about self-sabotaging behaviours and how the fear of failure, impostor syndrome and perfectionism can stifle creativity. She brings her knowledge of human behaviours and psychology into the mix of marketing and sales. Anna speaks from a journey of self-discovery in business and using stories to confidently put yourself out there, make connections and generate sales.


Away from her desk, you’ll find Anna on trail running adventures, chilling on her Shakti mat listening to an entrepreneurial podcast or whipping up a home cooked meal.


When time allows, Anna supports wildlife welfare, heritage and conservation organisations.

Read what some of our clients have to say

"Anna’s superpower is her ability to write copy that is engaging and speaks my voice in a way that captures my audience. Having Anna in my team of experts enables me to focus on what I do best (which definitely is not writing copy!), she’s brilliant."
Cassie Footman
Global Business Growth, Mindset & Performance Coach
"Anna is welcoming, explains everything really well and quickly understands how she can help your business. Highly recommended."
Market Avenue Copywriting Solutions Character
Business Owner
"I was nervous having someone else write my web copy as my past experience of someone trying to capture my energy and essence had not been great. Anna totally changed this! After a Q&A conversation Anna got to work and took me by (pleasant) surprise as her writing, the words and quotes used were totally me. Anna now does my newsletters, blog posts, words for flyers, landing pages and copyediting my published books."
TeeJay Dowe
Director & CEO of Multiple Companies
"This was a great course, great hints and tips on how to improve your website and write blogs. Highly recommend."
Market Avenue Copywriting Solutions Character
Business Owner
"Anna was part of the creative team that worked on my new website. She wrote the site copy and did a great job of understanding my mind dump notes and ideas. Anna was a star and she suggested additional sections to the copy that matched my quirky personality. The outcome was fabulous and she’s since helped with my video scripts and app content."
Dave Campbell
Body Transformation Coach
"Anna has worked with us now on multiple times, creating content for social media as well as script writing for animation. The work we have tasked Anna with has ranged from creative to corporate and she has tackled both challenges with equal success. The variety, passion and professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with"
Market Avenue Copywriting Solutions Character
"After my first meeting with Anna, she fully understood what I wanted, but more importantly, helped me to understand what I needed. Anna removed the stress and anxiety of ensuring that the web content was SEO efficient and grammatically perfect. Anna not only captured my services, but she also articulated my principles, ethics, core values and passions. I would recommend Anna to anyone serious about improving their website content, increasing traffic and customers because that's what she has done for my business."
Brian Carmichael
Carmichael Mediation Services Limited
"Anna supports my business with various copywriting needs, the quality of her written words are always spot on; both at unpicking what’s in your head, but also with key word usage. More recently, I attended Anna’s copywriting course, so that I could launch my business blog and update copy on my website."
Market Avenue Copywriting Solutions Character
Professional Artist
"I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with Anna. She updated my website which was too busy with too much information and difficult to navigate. Not any more; my website is clear and concise, easy to navigate with copy which engages my target audience and tells my story.
Market Avenue Copyediting
Sally Smith
Independent Social Worker

FREE Bonus Ideal Client Template When You Register