Blog Content Workshop


Create Compelling Blog Content for a Whole Year Using a Simple Blueprint

Ditch overwhelm and save valuable time by turning ideas into informative articles

Attract clients and Google, and generate more enquiries

Stand on a pedestal and be seen

Two of the biggest hurdles when it comes to starting a business blog are knowing what to say and how to find the time to write it.




This two-hour intensive workshop will show you:

      • Quick and easy ways to develop a year’s worth of blogs
      • How to create a master plan for compelling content
      • Ways to write copy that answer your clients’ questions
      • How to craft informative and inspirational articles
      • Techniques to highlight the solutions to problems
      • Where to find content that your ideal clients want to read


Why is this important?


Because compelling content builds rapport, adds value and generates more enquiries.


  • 80% of internet users read blogs
  • 70% of consumers say blogs add credibility to a website

Monthly group and 1-2-1 sessions available.

Complimentary Copywriting Coaching | Market Avenue

What is involved?

This practical session starts with a deep dive brainstorming session to generate ideas. 

You will learn how to carry out structured research and by the end of the session you will know how to :

        • Identify blog themes aligned with customer needs
        • Create an annual blog topic and title plan 
        • Build a targeted list of search engine optimised keywords
        • Access tools that will save time and guesswork
        • Use structured templates to make life easy 

Stop wasting time creating everything from scratch and waving a finger in the air. Save time and money by planning your annual blog content in two hours.

Meet your host

Anna Woolliscroft

Anna has over 20 years’ marketing experience and founded Market Avenue Limited in 2009.


She specialises in creative and conversion copywriting solutions for professionals who are their brand and established organisations that want a strategic storytelling approach to their copy and content.


Anna knows all too well about self-sabotaging behaviours and how the fear of failure, impostor syndrome and perfectionism can stifle creativity. She brings her knowledge of human behaviours and psychology into the mix of marketing and sales and speaks from a journey of self-discovery when it comes to business and putting yourself out there.


Away from her desk, you’ll find Anna on trail running adventures, chilling on her Shakti mat listening to an entrepreneurial podcast or whipping up a home cooked dish from scratch. 


When time allows, Anna supports wildlife welfare, heritage and conservation organisations.

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