Twitter Business Hour Hashtags – who, what, where, when and why?

If you regularly use Twitter, or even if you don’t, you may have heard of Twitter Hours. Do you know how to utilize these in business to their full potential? Don’t worry; we’ll explain everything below…


We’re unsure who the very first person to start this idea was, but there are many different businesses across the globe using Twitter Business Hour Hashtags today.


You must have a Twitter account. You need to decide on when your account will be most active (when you would like the conversations to take place) and ‘host’ this hour. For example we, Market Avenue Limited, are based in Staffordshire, so our local Twitter Business Hour Hashtag would be #Staffordshirehr, which uses the handle @Staffordshirehr. Businesses in the area can go on to Twitter at this designated time, making sure to use these details in their tweet.

It is mostly businesses that use these, however anyone can get involved. Businesses share other business tweets to help spread the word, or local people looking for something in particular such as a product, service, event or offer can view them.


On Twitter, during the specified time period, however some people do use the hashtag at times outside of the Twitter Business Hour.


The business chooses the day(s) and time(s). Using Staffordshire as an example again, this is every Wednesday, between 8-9pm.


Twitter Business Hour Hashtags gives businesses the opportunity to network and get involved in the local community. They’re a useful way to get key brand messages or offers out to the public. There are plenty of sector-specific hours out there too as well as location-specific.

Want to know what Twitter Business Hour Hashtag you should be using?

We’ve put together a list, so you can simply scan over it and pick any you think will be suitable. Just click on this link for your free download: MAL Twitter Business Hour Hashtags PDF

Try joining in a Twitter conversation this week using a local Twitter Business Hour Hashtag and handle. If you’re nervous, explain that you’re new and are testing it out for the first time. Tweet us to let us know how you get on!

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