The Benefits of Vine

The Benefits of Vine

Vine is an app owned and created by Twitter that allows you to create and share short video clips. Dubbed the Instagram of video, Vine encapsulates what twitter itself encourages, small, snappy moments or thoughts that appear to be spontaneously shared with the public. Yet unlike Twitter or Instagram, Vine has the novelty factor- people’s interest is piqued. Tweets and photo shares are old news, but 6 second videos? Well, the possibilities are endless! The influence of Twitter as the biggest and best form of social media marketing is by no means in question, yet Vine can undoubtedly support and emphasise Twitter marketing campaigns.

Just as tweets can be crafted and tweaked to optimize their impact on the world of social media, so too can Vine videos. The 6 second (or less) videos inspire creativity in that you only have a small moment of time to represent exactly what you wish to convey about you or your product. One of the ideal marketing features of Vine is that the videos are on a continuous loop so that viewers actually see a clip at least a couple of times, making it the perfect tool for optimising product recognition and branding. If anything, the use of Vine at least shows that your company or business is up to date in the world of technology, something that is becoming increasingly recognisable as a necessity in the modern world. Though there is of course a challenge in making sure your videos are engaging rather than annoying, if the result is positive, Vine can definitely be considered an unbelievably influential tool in the world of social media marketing. Here are a few helpful tips we’ve put together to help you make the most of Vine:

  1. The use of humour in videos, if done correctly is always guaranteed to entertain rather than annoy possible clients or customers
  2. Use the app to advertise competitions, discounts, sales and promotions to increase coverage about your company or business
  3. Like Instagram, use Vine to show your company’s personal side. Take sneak-peaks of what goes on behind the scenes. Introduce yourselves as people rather than faceless businessmen and women. This can also be linked to the tip about humour- show you are human!
  4. Use the app to engage your followers in conversation- pose a question or a thought and invite people to respond
  5. Use to show off a new product- video allows you to provide more detail than a picture could
  6. Use the app to support your tweets and make them more interesting- people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog
  7. Be entertaining! As long as your video has some sort of link to your business or what you stand for- then it’s worth it!

All in all, Vine may just be another social media craze but that is no reason why businesses should not embrace it and use it to their advantage of which there are undoubtedly many. It only takes a few seconds to get an idea, a few more to create a video and  another few to post it. If a picture represents a thousand words, think of the possibilities for a video!

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