The Benefits of Instagram

The Benefits of Instagram

With sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest and many more- social media has never been stronger or more marketable. Instagram is one such site. Recently bought by Facebook for an obscene amount of money, Instagram is an ideal example of a popular site that has many possibilities in the world of marketing, especially for small businesses. Put simply, Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social media site. It allows the user to take good quality photos and then edit them with filters to suit whatever tone the user wishes to present. Though not the first photo sharing app, or even the first app to integrate photo filters, Instagram has somehow dominated its field and has become the pioneer to all other similar apps. Its success seems to lie in its simplicity. Not only is the interface simple and easy to use, all its features are extremely good quality and undoubtedly provides good value to any photo lovers- from experts to novices. So how can this simple yet effective photo sharing app be useful to any business not concerned with photography? Here are a few ways in which you and your business can benefit from Instagram:

  1. Instagram can be used to humanise and personalise your business. Posting behind-the-scenes photos or sneak peeks can give your customers or clients a personal insight into what your company stands for and represents.
  2. Use the app to create promotional photos of products or deals to optimize awareness
  3. Use photos to report updates, sales, discounts, offers and new collections within your business
  4. With the exceptional filters and editing options you can be as creative as you want, if a photo looks good and is liked, it will be shared to other social sites and in general will spread awareness of your business
  5. Using Instagram can open you and your business up to a new demographic- over 150 million people use the app on a daily basis
  6. Just as with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram can be used to network and make new business connections

On the surface, Instagram seems to be just another app- one which can take cool photos, something which teenagers would love but probably not applicable to small businesses. Yet when taking a closer look it is easy to see how Instagram, like Facebook or Twitter, could be your next marketing tool that can take your business to the next level. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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